So Will Be The Preseason Of Barcelona: Juventus, United And Real Madrid, Rivals In The United States

So will be the preseason of Barcelona: Juventus, United and Real Madrid, rivals

Barcelona will start this preseason from July 12 , when the new coach, Ernesto Valverde, will begin to work with all players, and with three friendly matches on the horizon, those corresponding to the US tour. Barcelona will leave for the United States on July 19 and there are three level matches awaiting them, as they will play against Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid. On the first day of work in Barcelona, most of the players are mentioned in the Sports City Joan Gamper, although the arrival of the…

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Doing Sports To Lose Weight, Yes But Still?

Doing sports to lose weight

Doing sports leads to … Better circulation of blood in the arteries An increase in the muscle power of the heart . The volume of blood ejected at each heart contraction can be increased by 50% by training. A slowing of the resting heart rate ; It is an energy saving. Better oxygenation of the muscles and organs and an increase in local endurance Greater strength of the joints because the ligaments become stronger and more elastic, and a strengthening of the bones by an increase of the bone mass…

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Should Mandatory Cooking Courses Be Introduced At School?

cooking courses be introduced at school

Great chefs, like Alain Ducasse, advocate a culinary revolution at school. The observation is simple and the studies prove it: the food is – or rather was – a family history. Our emancipated mothers did not want to reproduce the classical family pattern. They did not pass on what they learned from their own mother. The fathers did not take over (less than one in ten cooks in the foyer). The cooked dishes of the food industry (fried pancakes and fried vegetables) helped, we unlearned to cook. There are fireplaces…

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