Is There A Need For A Citizenship Education Course?


Facts. Wider than a course of study of religions or a course of philosophy, without completely replacing the existing courses of religion, the content of the courses of education for the citizenship proposed by the minister of the Teaching Joëlle Milquet to the pupils Secondary education of official education does not yet seem to be final. Many questions remain about their organization:  Who will dispense them? What need?What should they consist of? Should they substitute for religious courses? A survey of the main stakeholders and field observers, with unanimity: Citizenship…

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13 Class Management Tricks That Instill Respect.

13 class management tricks that instill

When it comes to managing its classroom, it is often the practice to set up a system of emulation or rules and to support all these rules by punishments. Very soon, we learn that it works (at least partially!), But it has the vicious lack of having to ask constant vigilance on the part of the adult in addition to considerably lessening the learning of the autonomy on the part of the students. Moreover, it reduces the behaviors that one wants to see disappear, without however permanently checking them. Result:…

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