Malquitia International Airport Simon Bolivar


TRAVEL WITH PETS: To travel with your pet, the procedures in Venezuela are done through the National Institute of Integral Health (INSAI). Sanitary requirements for the mobilization of pets (Dogs and Cats): NATIONAL TRIPS: Carton of vaccines containing immunizations against: Dogs : Sixfold Canine (Parvovirus – Coronavirus Hepatitis – Distemper or canine distemper – Leptospira for influenza) Cats : Triple Feline (Calicivirus – Panleucopenia Rinotraqueitis) Dogs and Cats : Antirrábica For both species, you must also present National Antirrábico Certificate issued by a private veterinarian. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: Carton of vaccines…

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A Coach Fired Because His Team Won 25-0!

A coach fired because his team won

A coach of a youth team (10-11 years old) had to leave his post in Spain after his team won an overwhelming 25-0 win.  This is called a backlash. On June 3, the U10 / U11 coach of the CD Serranos, a Valencia club, saw his team crush his opponent, the Benicalap C (25-0). A score not so surprising when we know that this team is good last of his pool with no less than 247 goals conceded. This result did not please the president of CD Serranos, who decided…

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