5 Tips for Marketing A Food Brand

5 Tips for Marketing A Food Brand

For brand marketing to be successful in challengingtrading conditions, effort must be made to engage, interact and foster a relationship between the consumer and the brand. Being online or posting a few social media posts infrequently is insufficient; make every communication with your target market work hard for you by hiring a food marketing and PR specialist. Ceres PR is one of the country’s leading agencies.

Tips for brand marketing:

1.Do consumers know who you are and what you stand for?

Brand marketing tells them.

Are you a quality brand or a budget alternative? Is your product range designed for special occasions or everyday use? Are you a local community venture or a large corporation?

What are your company ethics? Are you operating in an environmentally friendly, responsible way?

Do you benefit the community or have a dedicated charitable cause?

Why do you stand out from your rivals?

Do people realise? They need to know you exist firstly, and then why they should choose your products and brand.

2. Use traditional and digital brand marketing channels to reach everyone.

Although consumers are turning increasingly to online channels to find solutions and to make purchases, there is still a portion of the population who prefer to carry out transactions and research offline; they can make the difference between good and great sales figures.

Channels used by food marketing experts include print media, shareable content online, events and trade shows, social media, infographics and videos.

Co-ordinated by industry leaders to ensure maximum return on investment and reach.

3. Know your market

Who are they? Where do they go to shop and find answers to questions?

Is your consumer a 20-something who lives on social media or a 40-something who may look for you in store, on a website or through a friend’s recommendation? Please don’t assume that a 70-something won’t be tech savvy or that a 20 year old won’t read a newspaper. Getting the balance right across viable channels and the frequency of communications is essential; this makes professional food marketing resources imperative.

4. Utilise influencers to create positivity around a food brand.

This is an increasingly popular tool. A food marketing approach uses an influencer who can be a chef, a food blogger or vlogger or a nutrition expert; they must be authoritative in their area. When an influencer recommends your brand to their followers this has a powerful effect; their readers or viewers want to emulate the expert. Their interest translates as conversions to sales.

5. Use conversations and online interaction to evaluate brand health.

How well is your brand being received, are there areas of negativity which can be addressed via brand marketing?Test ideas, get feedback, listen, learn and grow. The consumer attitude to your product and brand is at the core of every communication, launch and sale. What a consumer thinks about you can make or break a brand.

To learn more about how Ceres PR can help you with your food marketing, please contact them today.

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