5 ways to doll up for V-Day this year

5 ways to doll up for V-Day this year

Get new Valentine’s Day dresses and have the best celebration you’ve ever had, looking your most gorgeous!

It’s that time of the year again – when you celebrate your love with a special day out, or throw a raucous party with your best friends. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate all kinds of love, whether romantic or platonic, whether new or old. And if it’s a celebration, you’d better have a superb Valentine’s Day dress picked out.

But if you thought looking good on February 14 was only about picking a great Valentine’s Day dress and little else, you have another think coming. Lucky for you, we’ve got a list of 5 things you need to do to look great this V-Day. Here goes:

1 Get a new skater dress. Skater dresses are all the rage this season, and they’re so cute! Whatever your height, shape or body type, you can rock a skater dress with élan. So if you’re looking up Valentine’s Day dresses, make sure to look up ‘skater dresses’ in your favourite shopping app. Besides, the best online fashion sites have Valentine’s Day sale on, so you can grab a great discount on the best brands and colours. Fresh colours to try this season include black, lemon yellow, navy blue, off white and red.

2 Accessories are important. Now that you’ve got your Valentine’s Day dress picked out, it’s time to shop for accessories. If you’ve picked a skater dress, it probably has a closed neck so you can buy a long necklace. Get a matching bracelet or bangle. If the dress skims your knee, then belly flats or peep toes are best. But if the dress is short, then a pair of ankle-length boots will look just great. Get a pair of studs for your ears, and you are good to go.

3 Get the makeup to complement your look. The make-up you sport on your V-day date all depends on the time you go out. If you’re going to be out all day, then a palette that seamlessly transitions from day to night is best. Go with a beige or brown lip colour, a touch of nude eye shadow and a well-defined eye for the daytime hours. For the evening or night, a lip stain in plum, red or hot pink is best. Complete your evening look with a smoky eye and a touch of shimmer on your cheeks.

4 Go out smelling sweet. It’s not just about what kind of aroma your date likes – it’s about what makes you feel pretty and feminine. Maybe a hint of lavender or rose does the trick for you? Or a sportier fragrance is more up your street? Whatever your chosen perfume, spray it on your clavicles, your elbows and a little on your wrist – but not too much, or you might ruin the effect!

5 Wear your biggest smile. Now that everything else is in place, it’s time to pull out your biggest accessory and knock your date over – your stunning smile! Your make-up is right, your hair is a shiny mane, your Valentine’s Day dress is to die for and you are the prettiest woman in the world – so why hold that gorgeous smile back?

Looking your best this V-day is all about thinking about your ensemble in its entirety. Your favourite shopping app probably has Valentine’s Day dresses and accessories on sale, with plenty of offers thrown in. Grab the best deals before they run out!

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