7things you must know before investing in a double door fridge

7things you must know before investing in a double door fridge

With the progress of technology and science through the years,like a ripple effect, every facet of domestic life is improved and updated on a constant basis. Designed for maximum comfort and convenience, the double doors in refrigeration technology has really redefined the look of the fridge suited for one’s home. With a wide array of options, different companies like LG, Samsung, Whirlpool,and others, coming up with their own version of the best double door fridge, the competition has been tough and has resulted in the most varied and progressive development as far as double door refrigerators are concerned.

Here are seven things you must consider, to select the best double door fridge, before making a long-term investment:

  1. Capacityof the refrigerator:

The kind of fridge that is best for your household depends on the capacity that you require. Investing in the best double door fridgeis only pertinent when you require refrigeration for more than 300 liters. For a lesser capacity, single door refrigerators are more suitable. But if you have a household that requires more than 300 litersof cooling, looking for the best double door fridgeis what you should devote your time to.

  1. Frost-free refrigerator:

The specialty of the double door fridge is its frost-free nature of cooling. The technology prevents the formation of frost inside the freezer through a small pre-installed heating system to prevent the formation of ice on the inner surface of the fridge. While not all single door fridges are immune to frost, all the best double door fridgehave this feature installed. Samsung and Hitachi are the makers of the best double door fridgein India, and all the refrigerators produced by these brands have a pre-installed heating system to prevent frost formation.

  1. Top-mount or bottom-top refrigerator:

The top-mount refrigerator is the most common double door fridge used in the sphere of a domestic household today. The freezer is located on the top and the fridge beneath it. Invest in the best double door fridgeand buy the top mount refrigerator if it suits your preferences. If not, you could always opt for the bottom-top refrigerator which inverts the arrangement. With the fridge on top and the freezer below, this might consume more energy and electricity but minimizes the amount of bending you have to do on a daily basis. If you have a back problem, this is definitely your go-to option.

  1. Multi-door or side by side:

In your endeavor to buy the best double door fridge, you are spoilt for choice. While the freezer and fridge are two cooling systems available, the multi-door refrigerator allows you to access different sections of the elevator through multiplenumbers of doors. If you are a staunch believer in the idea of compartmentalization, this feature may be suitable for you. If not, the side by side  double doors provide the best double door fridgefor your household without unnecessary complications and with no multiple doors that may be the cause of mild  confusion.

  1. Inverter technology:

This is a new progressive feature included in the best double door fridgeto reduce energy consumption to a considerable level and help save electricity. Compared to regular compressors, the compressor with inverter technology can save 20-40% electricity on a daily basis.

  1. Emergency cooling during power cut:

Also a new feature in the best double door fridgesavailable, the refrigerators have a built-in system to sustain the cooling effect for a considerable period of time to keep things fresh even during an unprecedented power cut or loss of electricity, whatever the cause behind it.

  1. The green angle:

Eco-friendly variants of the best double door fridgesare a source of excitement for all, including those people who wish to take a stronger stance in the environmental situation. Go green by investing in anR-134 or R600A compressor of the best double door fridgeto reduce CFC production and reduce the harmful effects on the earth.

Keeping these factors in mind is bound to help you choose the best double door fridgefor your household.

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