A Coach Fired Because His Team Won 25-0!

A coach fired because his team won

A coach of a youth team (10-11 years old) had to leave his post in Spain after his team won an overwhelming 25-0 win. 

This is called a backlash. On June 3, the U10 / U11 coach of the CD Serranos, a Valencia club, saw his team crush his opponent, the Benicalap C (25-0). A score not so surprising when we know that this team is good last of his pool with no less than 247 goals conceded. This result did not please the president of CD Serranos, who decided to separate from his coach.

“We are talking about children who are in primary school, the priority is values ​​rather than results ,” Cadena Ser told Pablo Alcaide. ” Right after the match, we apologized to our Then we talked to the coach who accepted this decision and because he was not going to continue next season by mutual agreement we decided he would not be there in the last three weeks Of this season, we have to have more respect for the opposing team, he has not managed to handle the situation and should have asked his players to keep the ball because when a boy goes home after conceding 25 goals, It is very difficult for him.What we must try to pass on to the children is empathy and respect for the adversary. “

However, the decision does not seem to be so well accepted by the educator in question, who has appealed to a lawyer.  “In no case did he encourage his players to try to make the score worse, but he asked them to stop pressing in the opposing half, but Benicalap C, who did not make any changes , Continued to attack and left too many spaces, “  said Daniel Revenga to El Pais . History may seem anecdotal but is taken seriously in Spain, where the respect of the opponent for young people comes before the individual or collective results. For example, some clubs do not


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