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Mental illness has today become highly prevalent in almost all age groups. The most easily stricken age group consists of teenagers. In most of the cases, they don’t open up about it. Even if they do, seeking a therapy is altogether an expensive and a non-feasible job for them. Although therapy is a very helping and soothing way, many people find it embarrassing. Turning onto mobile applications is a wise and prudent decision. In recent years, there’s been a proliferation of mental health apps available to smartphone users. These reasonably-priced or most often free, mental health apps offer a wealth of resources that make therapeutic techniques more accessible, portable, and cost-effective.The apps can cater to a various therapy such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT), and acknowledge to everything from depression too, anxiety, eating disorder recovery, bi-polar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and much more.

Sal Raichbach, PsyD, LCSW says that mental health apps have the potential to reach people who would otherwise not receive help by removing the barriers to treatment. “Sadly, only a small percentage of people actively seek professional help for their mental health problems,” he says. “This could be for any number of reasons: they may not be physically able to leave their homes due to severe anxiety or lack of mobility, or they may not have the financial means.

Providing the required privacy and confidentiality, these apps are highly recommended. We have listed down a few of them:

  1. Moodkit

Focusing on the cognitive behavioral disorder, Moodkit helps you to prosper towards a healthy and positive outlook. It provides 200 different types of mood uplifting activities. With a sole motive of bringing happiness to your life and peace to your mind, mood kit is a must to nourish the mental health. It also provides with a journal to follow back on whatever you are doing. Noting the day to day improvements it further helps you to analyze the results. Owned by two renowned clinical psychologists, it is the right door to knock.

  1. Quit that

As the name suggests, it’s an app that helps you to give over uncalled habits and addictions. With no expenses, this app helps to overcome major health problems. Be it smoking, alcohol consumption or drugs, it has a solution for everything. Its special features help a person to even keep a record of day by day progression. It’s a perfect way to recover and track your everyday improvement. You can also maintain and check a record for finding out a specific time since you have freed yourself from the cage of addiction.

  1. Mind shift

With a core focus on teenagers and youth adults, this app not only helps you to recover but also gives your mind a new direction. ‘A shift’ is indeed what you need and Mind shift leads you to a happy road. Giving anxiety a new definition, this app focuses on the reasons for stress rather than just calming them. It tries to originate a new perspective about depression in every individual’s life. It helps you to give yourself a new platform, fighting and challenging various situations and strongly dealing with intense emotions.

  1. IMood journal

Just like your personal diary, this app knows everything about you. Be it your sleeping patterns, eating habits, mood, cycles or energy levels; it keeps a record of everything. It helps you to introspect yourself on daily basis, believing in day by day recovery. After analyzing your daily routine patterns, it provides you with summary charts that indicate the rise and fall of stress levels.

  1. Stigma

It’s an innovative application that uses your vocabulary while writing down feelings and thereby reflects your emotion graphs. The operation and execution of this app enable you to know yourself by reflecting your emotions. It further focuses on magnifying your social circle giving your personality a new ground. Like all other apps, it does have a journal that can be shared and responded to. With its unique approach, it stands out from the regular crowd.

  1. Happify

The name is itself crafted to add positivity to your life. Approved by various psychologists, happify is a professional mood training program leading you to a peaceful journey. It heals you in a way which is surely not referred as a treatment. Offering a wide arena of games, activities and gratitude prompts, it trains your brain to overcome negative thoughts. Also, the best part of this smart app is, it is completely free of cost.

By getting all the above apps at free or minimal cost, you can always remain tension free. Nurturing your growth and entering a peaceful life should only be the requisites of your life. The above-mentioned apps can be accessed on almost every smartphone. All you need is ample space, high-end processor, and a good battery backup. Even though there are a lot of brands out there in the market, only few are such that has managed to hit the right chords with the youth of our times. Brands like, Panasonic India Smartphones, OnePlus, Oppo and such are the ones who are driven by the youth of our times and hence have managed to come up with some of the most innovative and relatable products.

It’s time to stop torturing yourself from the repetitive anxiety attacks and finding a permanent and convenient solution to it. Don’t give it a second thought and download the apps now!

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