Age signs and skin pigmentation

Age signs and skin pigmentation

Age spots are common among the people moving into the older age group and might emerge as black, dark brown, or gray spots on the skin area which is mostly exposed to the sun. Also referred to as the sun spots or liver spots, the age spots are the result of continuous exposure to the sun over a long duration of time. In such a condition, visiting an aesthetic clinic would help to reduce the age signs as well as skin pigmentation. You should find out one with a trusted history so that you get the best possible treatment without any after-effects.

The major areas on the body which are affected by these spots include the neck, arms, face, upper back, shoulders, and back of the hand. Although these spots do not cause pain, they can significantly affect the appearance of the skin and might emerge on the areas which are exposed to the sunlight the most. These do not cause health problems and can be treated with consultation from the physician. For this, you might be advised medications that contain hydroquinone.

As an alternative, in some cases, you might also be recommended bleaching or use of tretinoin. However, these might take several months to fade away and might even make your skin sensitive to the UV radiations due to which you would need to apply sunscreen all along the day. Apart from this, there are several medical procedures as well which include surgical procedures and might come with their set of risks. Methods such as chemical peeling, dermabrasion, cryosurgery, and pulsed light treatment are usually preferred by the professionals for the age spot treatment. As a quick advice, it is always advised to apply sunscreen whenever you are moving out as that can protect your skin from harmful radiations at least to some extent.

Apart from the medical treatments, there are several home remedies for treating age spots as well which include consuming superfood that keep the skin healthy, and using body scrubs on a regular basis.

Moving forward to skin pigmentation, it results in the appearance of dark due to the increased amount of melanin in the skin. There is also a second reason for pigmentation which is the hormonal changes during pregnancy or some skin injury that might have caused skin discolouration. The treatments which are used for this purpose include lasers, skin rejuvenation, skin peeling, and skin lifting, and others depending on the amount of damage that the skin might have suffered. Also, if your skin is allergic to something, make sure that you avoid consuming it or applying it otherwise it might cause severe damage with the passing time. Genes might also be the reason that your skin has started pigmenting at an early age. During such a circumstance, it is highly advisable that you seek help of a dermatologist who can suggest you some effective measures.

If you still fall under the young age group and want to save yourself from the effects of pigmentation in the later years, they you need to start moisturising your skin continuously every single day so that it remains supple and protected from the UV radiations.  Apart from this, you can treat your skin with natural products such as oatmeal scrubbing, aloe vera gel, rose water, cucumber juice, and others depending on what suits your skin the best.

With age, it is imperative that age spots and pigmentation might damage your skin, but you can always reduce its effect by taking care of your health and skin and avoid things that might be harmful for you.

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