Benefits of Sport to Health

Benefits of Sport

One French person in two does not know that physical activity can help prevent the emergence of many diseases such as hypertension or osteoporosis . Sport, however, has many advantages such as improving physical and mental conditions.
For over 20 years, science has recognized the health benefits of sport. A major survey of 8,000 people was carried out on this subject by the Journal of Women and Health-Medicine. The French would in fact know the effects of physical activity on weight but much less on health. Physicians, on the other hand, are few in prescribing sport to their patients who themselves recognize a lack of information.

The risk of developing a disease is however diminished with the practice of exercises thus reducing the health costs which can be very high in case of chronic diseases. osteoporosis

Physical activity is also an essential prevention element to keep bones strong and thus prevent osteoporosis.

High Blood Pressure
Physical activity would halve the risk of hypertension in patients with regular physical activity .

Sport is also useful for combating various pathologies. Even if physical activity does not prevent overweight , it can help maintain a normal weight. It also helps maintain weight loss and prevent a recovery.

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Lumbago and musculoskeletal diseases

To treat and prevent low back pain , it is advisable to have a daily as active as possible and therefore to practice sports. This also helps prevent the recurrence of symptoms. Muscle building during physical exercises is also beneficial for chronic inflammatory rheumatism

Depression and anxiety

Physical activity also has positive psychological consequences. It alleviates depression and anxiety. Alzheimer’s disease

In Alzheimer’s disease , it also plays a role in patients who see their mortality rate and their risk of falling. For children and adolescents

As a child, sport affects health by, for example, slowing the development of risk factors for chronic diseases. As a teenager, it increases self-esteem, reduces stress and anxiety.

Increased life expectancy

Increasing longevity is one of the strengths of sporting activity, in particular by reducing the mortality due to various chronic diseases. With 92 minutes of sport per week, life is extended by 3 years. Healthy aging and keeping effective immune functions longer are among the benefits of exercise.


Sexuality also benefits from the benefits of sport. Good cardiac muscle endurance and good erectile function, physical activity has a role in maintaining good quality relationships over time.

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