Evolution of jackets

jackets for men

A jacket is more like a coat but shorter in length to that of coat. Jacket is one of the important components of the men’s wardrobe after suits. Jackets for men are the most sought after piece of clothing. Almost all men possess jackets in their wardrobe. You have jackets for men for all the seasons. There are cotton jackets to be worn in moderate weather and leather jackets for men to be used in harsh weather. Wouldn’t you like to know about the history and evolution of jackets? Through…

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Reinvent Your Winter Style With Leggings?

Your Winter Style With Leggings

Although winter brings a respite from the hot and humid days it can pose a serious challenge when it comes to updating your wardrobe with winter appropriate looks. Dressing yourself in layers and layers of outfit can result in a frumpy look. But worry not! Because there exists several practical ways of dressing which is both comfortable and warm. Check stylish women winter wear collection here. One of them is the leggings and sweater combination. The look is chic, easy to carry and will surely keep you warm and cozy….

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Sumers Shoes: Fashion Trends 2017

indispensable fashion

Shoes are life. The women are completely crazy and collect the pairs to infinity. Footwear with heels, barefoot, sneakers or wedge sandals: the shoes tendencies follow but are not alike. To be at the forefront of fashion, here is a tour of the indispensable and new to adopt. Locked up all winter, our feet dream of summer. They already imagine the toes in the air matting the blue sky and feeling the hot sand. With the spring, it is the summer shoes that make a beauty. And we love the…

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7 criteria to choose your school of fashion

school of fashion

The enthusiasm around the fashion professions has led to the creation of numerous specialized schools. How do we sort out between institutions that offer solid training and those that send you powder? Which school is for you? Here are 7 criteria to take into account before making your choice. 1. Recognition of the diploma First reflex to avoid unpleasant surprises: check if the titles issued by the institution are registered in the National Directory of Professional Certifications ( RNCP ). To be eligible, the training must respect a catalog of…

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