Professional Financial Planning and Analysis: What to Expect?

Professional Financial Planning and Analysis

Increasingly, people in India now look up to professional financial advisory services to manage their money. But what should one expect from such a service? Read this post to find out. The ever-increasing responsibilities in our personal and professional lives often leave us with little time to think about how we are managing our finances. Most of the time, we are focussed on managing and keeping up with our current expenses. Consequently, whilst we dream of the life that we want to live, we don’t always have a solid strategy…

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What is the importance of Foreign Exchange?

importance of Foreign Exchange

One of the prime contributors to Globalisation is foreign exchange. Commonly known as Forex. In Forex, a country’s currency is weighed against another country’s currency and the value is determined. Like for example, in order to know the value of rupee, you compare it with say, Japanese Yen. JPY to INR conversion would give you an idea of how well Indian economy is doing, when compared with Japanese economy. This value is determined by market conditions, trades, investments, tourism, political risks, and policies, etc. Background info on Forex Before we…

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