Benefits of Sport to Health

Benefits of Sport

One French person in two does not know that physical activity can help prevent the emergence of many diseases such as hypertension or osteoporosis . Sport, however, has many advantages such as improving physical and mental conditions. For over 20 years, science has recognized the health benefits of sport. A major survey of 8,000 people was carried out on this subject by the Journal of Women and Health-Medicine. The French would in fact know the effects of physical activity on weight but much less on health. Physicians, on the other…

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The Benefits of Sports

Benefits of Sports

The educational, health and social values ​​of sport are no longer to be proved.However, it is now recommended to practice physical and / or sporting activities with no added health risk. The practice of a sport allows: A certain form of ethics, with respect for oneself, respect for others and respect for the rule imposed and reinforcement of self-esteem. The life in society, imposed by the sport practice helps to know better, to know the others and to accept their difference and to reinforce a social life The hygiene of…

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Here are all the advantages and disadvantages of sports

advantages and disadvantages of sports

Sport has different interests for human health. Thus, the practice of physical exercise must be regular. The benefits of frequent physical exercise are many, although disadvantages can result from poor practice. By burning the excess fat and sugar that clutters our body, sport reduces excess weight by replacing part of the fat mass with a good quality muscle. By reducing the level of fat in the blood, it lowers the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL and triglycerides) and increases that of “good” cholesterol (HDL), protector of our arteries. It helps…

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The 7 Health Benifits Of Sports


The benefits of sports are legion! Indeed, the physical activity makes it possible to feel well in its body and its head, while having fun. But how often do you play sports ? A 30-minute workout of physical exercise per day is ideal for a healthy lifestyle. But, note that if you need / want to lose weight or achieve specific goals, you will need to train yourself more. The benefits of sports Moving allows you to control your weight. Physical activity is essential against overweight and obesity! Why? When…

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A Coach Fired Because His Team Won 25-0!

A coach fired because his team won

A coach of a youth team (10-11 years old) had to leave his post in Spain after his team won an overwhelming 25-0 win.  This is called a backlash. On June 3, the U10 / U11 coach of the CD Serranos, a Valencia club, saw his team crush his opponent, the Benicalap C (25-0). A score not so surprising when we know that this team is good last of his pool with no less than 247 goals conceded. This result did not please the president of CD Serranos, who decided…

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So Will Be The Preseason Of Barcelona: Juventus, United And Real Madrid, Rivals In The United States

So will be the preseason of Barcelona: Juventus, United and Real Madrid, rivals

Barcelona will start this preseason from July 12 , when the new coach, Ernesto Valverde, will begin to work with all players, and with three friendly matches on the horizon, those corresponding to the US tour. Barcelona will leave for the United States on July 19 and there are three level matches awaiting them, as they will play against Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid. On the first day of work in Barcelona, ​​most of the players are mentioned in the Sports City Joan Gamper, although the arrival of the…

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Doing Sports To Lose Weight, Yes But Still?

Doing sports to lose weight

Doing sports leads to … Better circulation of blood in the arteries An increase in the muscle power of the heart . The volume of blood ejected at each heart contraction can be increased by 50% by training. A slowing of the resting heart rate ; It is an energy saving. Better oxygenation of the muscles and organs and an increase in local endurance Greater strength of the joints because the ligaments become stronger and more elastic, and a strengthening of the bones by an increase of the bone mass…

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