Want to Book Cheap Flights to Dubai? Remember These 5 Points When Booking

Thai Airways

 Right from the mega malls to 5-star hotels, there are several reasons for you to visit Dubai. If you are planning to visit this exotic location anytime soon, we have five valuable tips that can help you book cheap flights to Dubai from any city. Keep reading Dubai has effectively positioned itself as a business hub and tourist Mecca. Sprouting up from the desert in the past two decades, a lot of things have happened here at an unimaginable pace. But apart from the mega malls and 5-star hotels, the…

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Hill Stations Near Chandigarh

Chandigarh to Manali taxi

Chandigarh, India’s first planned city, is the brainchild of Le Corbusier. A famous architect, he is the mastermind behind the city and its beauty. One can find a unique blend of both the Punjabi culture and the modern/urbane mindset of settlements. This city is an ideal location for one and all looking for a lazy weekend gateway amidst the flowers and the urbane beauty. It is an ideal place for people looking to go for a long drive. Apart from that, one can also book cab in Chandigarh and roam…

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How To Enjoy Wakatobi And Its Underwater Beauty

Wakatobi and its underwater beauty

Wakatobi and its underwater beauty have an irresistible appeal for those of us who love travel and adventure. Wakatobi is an island located around sulawesi island, precisely adjacent to southeast Sulawesi. The island has unrivaled beauty, especially the beauty of its underwater world. In the underwater world around Wakatobi Island, there is the beauty of the underwater world with a variety of unique marine biota in it. Wakatobi Island is waiting for you to be discovered. Wakatobi and its underwater beauty scene will become wonderful memory unforgettable throughout your life.If…

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Ahmedabad, the cultural hub

car rental in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad over the years has turned to be one of the most popular as well as important cities of India with respect to the tourism, economy, and industry. Popularly known as Amdavad, this city bagged the third position in Forbes’s list of the fastest growing cities for the decade in the year of 2010. It is also ranked as the best city to live in according to The Times of India in the year 2012. The city is well known for the business and the business tycoons that it gave…

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Taximeter Calculates The Price 0f The Trip By Taxi

calculates the price of the trip by taxi

Have you ever felt ripped off when taking a taxi in an unfamiliar city?Now you can get into the taxi with an exact idea of ​​the route that the taxi should take for the trip you request, and the price it will cost you. This is thanks to Taximeter a web that is based on Google Maps and calculates the most accurate route to reach your destination, geolocating your starting point. So far, nothing new. However, it also gives you updated cost information at current rates when you travel by…

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Transporte En Taxi Por Venezuela

Taxi por Venezuela

Para moverse dentro de Caracas u otras ciudades grandes, lo más práctico es el taxi. Aunque tienen reloj tarifador, conviene averiguar el precio del viaje antes de subir. También se puede pactar una tarifa de antemano, sobre todo de noche, ya que a partir de las 20:00 los relojes no funcionan y la tarifa se duplica. Lo mismo sucede durante los fines de semana. Un viaje a través de la ciudad puede costar entre 8.000 y 15.000 Bs. (entre 8 y 15 BsF) (entre 2.50 y 4.70 €). Hay diferentes…

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Malquitia International Airport Simon Bolivar


TRAVEL WITH PETS: To travel with your pet, the procedures in Venezuela are done through the National Institute of Integral Health (INSAI). Sanitary requirements for the mobilization of pets (Dogs and Cats): NATIONAL TRIPS: Carton of vaccines containing immunizations against: Dogs : Sixfold Canine (Parvovirus – Coronavirus Hepatitis – Distemper or canine distemper – Leptospira for influenza) Cats : Triple Feline (Calicivirus – Panleucopenia Rinotraqueitis) Dogs and Cats : Antirrábica For both species, you must also present National Antirrábico Certificate issued by a private veterinarian. INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL: Carton of vaccines…

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