Common Reasons Behind Improper Cooling of Air Conditioners

Common Reasons Behind Improper Cooling of Air Conditioners

Coming home after an extreme heated day and finding the air conditioner not cooling properly can be frustrating. The reasons may be technical or non-technical.

Common reasons behind improper cooling of AC

Clogged air filter

As the usage in summer increases, air filters accumulate dust very fast, so can get clogged. Clogged filter does not allow air to flow smoothly and freely. It hampers the units cooling capacity therefore the air filters need to be cleaned or if necessary replaced.

Dirty coils

Condenser coils can accumulate dust and debris and this load can obstruct cooling capacity of the unit. Just like a car radiator, condenser dissipates heat removed from air moving to and fro. The heat gets thrown outside, but due to dirty coils the unit works hard to function. Take care of the dirt on condenser coil to ensure proper coolness.

Condenser unit is the outdoor unit, so bushes or weeds growing around can block free flow of air. Therefore, cut these and make sure that two feet space around external unit is clean on every side, even the top. Maintenance visit from professionals is a must for AC tune up.

Inadequate coolant

Coolant or refrigerant circulates through evaporator coils cooling the air, which flows over it. Thus, the air within the space gets cooled. When coolant level gets inadequate then the air conditioner fails to cool. This is time to phone professionals for a refill and top up of the coolant.

Faulty compressor

Compressor is the core of Voltas split AC system, which handles perfect room cooling. If AC does not cool means there is an issue in compressors motor. The motor compresses coolant, which in turn gets circulated between condenser coil and evaporator. If motor malfunctions the cooling cycle gets affected. It does not start, so the unit fails to cool.

Damaged thermostat

Thermostat is designed to be the sensor for sensing room temperature. It controls the cooling cycle by giving hints to the compressor. Room temperature gets maintained as desired or programmed. If thermostat gets damaged the unit may cool consistently or not cool at all.

Defective parts

Faulty capacitor of compressor, bad thermistor, defective control board, faulty motor, choked capillary, etc are other technical reasons of inadequate cooling of air conditioner. You can visit online sites like Amazon and Flipkart to buy quality parts for your appliance.

High atmospheric temperature

AC is designed for operating effectively in an optimum surrounding temperature. If temperature shoots beyond this optimum level then its efficiency decreases. At times, the temperature outside is so hot that at some point the compressor totally stops working.

Undersized air conditioner

Homeowners may buy an AC on the basis of their budget. It may not be compatible with the space size. Small unit in huge room will struggle in keeping the space cool, especially in peak summers.

Issues with AC remote controls

Remote control can fail to send signals to the air conditioner unit. First check batteries and if still there is no response then replace the remote.

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