Delicious Healthy Cake- Check Out These Top 5 Healthy Cakes

Delicious Healthy Cake- Check Out These Top 5 Healthy Cakes

The moment you hear “healthy cake”, it may sound like a perfect food oxymoron. But just like the “Jumbo Shrimp”, healthy cakes are indeed a real thing and they taste sumptuous too.

Now this article is going to try to claim that cake is also a healthy food. There’s no doubt that cake will always a be a tasty treat for most of the people, but some specific cake recipes can be healthier than the others. Now, this excellent collection of healthy cake recipes represents some of the virtuous ways that you can pamper yourself with the sweet dessert treat.

It’s time to know about the healthy cakes-

Three- Ingredients Peanut Butter Cake:

One can easily bake this awesome cake within a very short span of time. You only need three ingredients to bake this cake and these three ingredients are- peanut-butter, eggs and sugar. The end baking result is much fancier than you would think with only three ingredients and it makes a perfect guilt free after dinner treat. The best part of this particular homemade cake are- free of gluten, high in protein and comes with much less sugar than a typical layered cake.

Angel Food Cake:

This cake must be heaven made because, in spite of its towering appearance and rich and strong flavor, this cake is a decidedly lite dessert option. Angel cake never contains butter or oil because it is entirely made with the egg whites so this cake can be an example of natural fat-free cake. The egg -whites are whipped for an additional span of time to give them a cake a noticeable lift. This cake is lofty in height and airy in texture so that you can wolf down the cake without being concerned about the health.

Fruit Cakes:

Don’t confuse the cake with the fruitcake, the typical brick like cakes found in the holiday session. These are the cakes that are purely composed of fresh fruits. While the stacks of fresh fruits may lack in butter and sugar, they perfectly make up for it in sweet and fancy flavor when ideally cut and aesthetically arranged to resemble a lip-smacking dessert cake. If you are planning to have a very colorful and adorable way of having a healthy cake, having a fresh fruits cake could be the best deal. You can easily order fruit cake from any popular online cake shop and easily get it delivered at your doorstep.

Naked Cake:

A “Naked” cake is not only a super stylish way to relish dessert, it’s also a super easy way to make your cake experience a little healthier. It’s raw, traditional type of cake which is made with the typical ingredients like butter, eggs, and flour and nicely topped with the minimal ice coating. Some of the variations of this cake come with the buttercream between the layers.

Olive Oil Cake:

If you want to keep your cholesterol level under control in a perfect manner, a butter-field cake might not be the ideal option for you. How about using olive oil instead of butter. Olive oil contains much fewer calories and cholesterol than butter. Olive oil cake has a simple low-fat glaze instead of heavy icing. You will enjoy each bite on this super delicious olive oil cake.

It’s perfectly alright to have to cake while you are following a strict diet and exercise routine but make sure you are having a delicious healthy cake.

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