Different Sunroom Window Options

Different Sunroom Window Options

If you’re designing a room with tons of natural light and a warm, inviting color scheme, placing the perfect window style as your patio’s centerpiece is a great option. There’s nothing like a large bay or double hung window to let in the natural light and make your space feel roomy and bright. However, with all the different options to choose from, it’s easy to get lost in the decision-making process. If you’re looking to give an elegant, light-filled look to your sunroom, here are a few options to choose from.

Window Type

The first decision you’ll need to make concerning your sunroom windows will revolve around the type of window you want to use, along with the amount of light you want to let into your patio. Each window type has its own unique benefits, and whether you’re building your patio from scratch or renovating it with Renewal by Andersen, you’ll want to pay close attention to the difference each window style makes in creating a look and feel for a space. Casement hinged windows can open outward or inward, and awning hinged windows can open vertically to let in light without letting in too much heat. Sliding windows are noiseless and efficient, and provide a great view. Bay windows and bow windows are statement pieces, allowing patio visitors to be able to look out onto a pure, clear view of the outdoors, and fixed windows provide all the glamour of a perfect view without letting in any drafts whatsoever.

Glass Type

Your glass type is the second decision you’ll need to make in your quest for the perfect sunroom window, and your choice will help you harness the power of sunlight without having to worry about overheating the room. The type of glass you choose will help you create a comfortable, temperature-controlled space for your sunroom no matter what the weather. Before selecting your glass type, think about what kind of weather you’ll be dealing with throughout the year. For climates that are a bit mellower, a single glazed window should be fine for your needs. If you deal with extreme heat and cold, double glazing will help you keep the cold out and use the heat to your advantage. For maximum savings on your energy bill, choose triple glazed glass to fully protect your sunroom from the outside weather.

Energy Efficiency

As with any window, keeping an eye out for savings will help you out in the long run. When looking at energy efficient windows to purchase always look for soft low-E coating windows that will work hard to protect your home from getting damaged by UV rays and help insulate your space even in the coldest days of winter. Choosing a low-E coating on your glass and a high R-value on your frame will help you save on your heating and cooling bills all year round. If you’re still worried about protecting your belongings from the sun’s glare or simply want more privacy in your sunroom, consider investing in window tinting for maximum security and privacy.

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