Doing Sports To Lose Weight, Yes But Still?

Doing sports to lose weight

Doing sports leads to …

  1. Better circulation of blood in the arteries
  2. An increase in the muscle power of the heart . The volume of blood ejected at each heart contraction can be increased by 50% by training.
  3. A slowing of the resting heart rate ; It is an energy saving.
  4. Better oxygenation of the muscles and organs and an increase in local endurance
  5. Greater strength of the joints because the ligaments become stronger and more elastic, and a strengthening of the bones by an increase of the bone mass and therefore a better prevention of the bone loss due to aging, in particular for the women.
  6. An increase in strength up to 40%
  7. An increase in speed up to 20%
  8. An increase in basal metabolism
  9. Better weight control by losing fat (decreasing body fat ) and gaining muscle (increased lean body mass)
  10. Increased flexibility and coordination

Reducing sport …

Play sports

  1. Blood levels of triglycerides . To lower triglycerides, you have to do sports but also consume less alcohol, less sugar and lose weight if you are overweight .
  2. The risks of osteoporosis and the effects of menopause . Physically active persons have denser bones than physically inactive individuals. It is essential to carry out weight-bearing exercises where the weight of the body passes from one leg to the other, as in the case of walking, to have healthy bones.
  3. The risks of colon cancer and certainly the risks of breast cancer and lung cancer
  4. the risk of problems backache and muscular pain . These risks are higher among those who work hard and those who have a job with no physical activity. Flexing the trunk and exercising tilting the pelvis forward reduces the frequency of acute attacks.
  5. The risks of obesity . To do this, you have to make a habit of doing it all your life – regular physical activity of low to moderate level and long duration
  6. The external manifestations of mild or moderate depression through the production of endorphins , but sport does not allow the economy of psychotherapy.
  7. Stress and anxiety

And finally the last benefits are …

People with low levels of fitness may take up to 2 times more days off than their fitness counterparts.

Diabetics are 3 times more vulnerable to cardiovascular disease. Physical activity helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes

Physically active people tend to be more satisfied with their silhouette , appearance andweight

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