A flash back at when we were kids and having our birthday parties specifically, we did all sorts of unbelievable things like draping ribbons around the yard, devoured cake with juice icing, dancing round the music chairs with high anticipation of winning the grand price, having your classmates over at your party and showing them your best toys and the list goes on. All this memories we had about the kids birthday parties we attended gave us the definition of fun back in the days and whenever we think of birthday parties, we just continually wish we could re – live those wonderful and stimulating moments.

We had our time and this is definitely the time for our kids to have a share of fun, this comes from hosting a high energetic party with juicy entertainment packages.


Many parents and guardians always miss the mark when planning for their children’s birthday parties, they view luxury and crowd as the only things children want, therefore they emphasize on these two factors for their kids birthday parties. It is not always the case as many children have different wants and needs, when their views are not considered, all just becomes a formality without achieving desired fun. The truth isn’t farfetched, a lot of kids are very happy and in some cases overjoyed with a simple party, as long as it’s being planned with their needs and taste in mind. This can only be achieved by involving your child in the party planning.


While planning for a birthday party, your child should be in charge of choosing his/her own theme out of a list of options for his/her birthday. It’s very important to attach a sense of responsibility to the child on how the events will be designed so as to stimulate appreciation and the necessity of the event from that child.


Most birthday parties tend to lose their vibe when the structure of such event is not properly managed. A birthday party having a designed structure of engagement for just 2 hours is actually a lot of time for a birthday party, it is desirous to have every invited guest engaged for the set period of 2 hours but an extension to this might cause a fall out of the whole event.


The activities which the children engage in should be a familiar one which suits their age group. Children above the age of 5 needs to be more stimulated with other added activities


Serve food and refreshments sequentially starting from the younger ones to the older children since the younger children are the most in need of instant gratification. It is better to have cupcakes which is a better option because they allow all kids to get served at once


Healthy snacks, small books and the likes should be in the goody bags which will be gifted to guests. This is meant to show a level of appreciation for their time being spent in the event. Whatever choice of items being selected for the goody bags should be age – appropriate as this type of gesture makes them feel special.

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