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A jacket is more like a coat but shorter in length to that of coat. Jacket is one of the important components of the men’s wardrobe after suits. Jackets for men are the most sought after piece of clothing. Almost all men possess jackets in their wardrobe. You have jackets for men for all the seasons. There are cotton jackets to be worn in moderate weather and leather jackets for men to be used in harsh weather. Wouldn’t you like to know about the history and evolution of jackets?

Through this blog we’ll share the evolution of the jackets for men as we know them today. Let’s get started.

The origin of the jackets for men can be traced back to the Middle ages or the era of Renaissance. It was then called the jerkin which was used by the working class men and was more tightly fitted than its current form and style.

During the 1800s the single breasted lounge jackets were quit popular. It was first in April 1857 that the women magazine Corriere Delle Dame announced the invention of the jackets. It had then predicted that this piece of clothing would go on to become an essential component of the men’s and women’s wardrobes alike.

Later in the 1862, another version known as the double breasted jackets for men appeared. Lounge and loosely fitted jackets became popular during this period and gained much fame further.

All through the nineteenth century these kinds of jackets for men occupied the scene.

Bomber jackets for men too started off as a necessary piece of clothing for the pilots during the World War 1. It was then called the flight jacket. Then the short fit type of jackets came into the picture somewhere around the World War 2. To begin with these bomber jackets for men were given to the pilots when they completed their basic flight training. It was more a symbol of pride for the pilots. These bombers were adorned with some patchwork to increase its looks.

The next generation of the bomber jackets for men was very similar to the previous one like the buttoned pockets with the patches. The front had a full zip from the top to the bottom. There was a departure from the previous form of the bomber jackets for men in the way that the collar was now a shearling collar. This kind of collar gave an unique look when paired with the right set of gears.

In the late 50s, there came another change in these bomber jackets for men. Leather was replaced by nylon by many manufacturers to fit all kinds of purpose. Many fashionistas rediscovered the bomber jackets by bringing in many new and innovative changes in its style and fabric.

These bombers as we know them today are a refined version of all the previous bomber jackets for men. They have a round collar and the pencil zip over the arms.

Whether it is a jet black bomber or the olive green bomber jackets for men, you just need to pair it with the right shoes to achieve the desired look. The rustic red melange will look perfect on a black tee underneath it.

Now as you have read about the history and the evolution of the jackets in general and bomber jackets particularly wouldn’t you want to buy one for the coming winter season? You can also find these jackets for men online on the websites like the Bewakoof.com, flipkart.com, amazom.com, etc. Just explore the plethora of websites selling these jackets for men and buy yours soon.

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