Fridge Trailer Rental Wherever You Need It

Fridge Trailer Rental Wherever You Need It

If you host, run or manage any of the following, you may need additional or emergency fridge trailer rental to accommodate increased demand, one-off event catering or to hold stock which would spoil without refrigeration in a crisis.

  • Permanent restaurant.
  • Pop-up restaurant.
  • Café.
  • Exhibition centre.
  • Community centre.
  • County show.
  • Food market.
  • Home event.
  • Medical centre.
  • Scientific research base.
  • Canteen/staff kitchen.

Whenever food is served to the public, whether it’s at a school fete, a food tasting session at a street market or in a pub, the food must be in the best condition and the staff must adhere to food laws and health and safety legislation.

Failing to store stock in its optimum condition risks cross contamination, bacteria and food poisoning; your consumers and the authorities will not be sympathetic to excuses, cost cutting schemes or ignorance. Don’t take risks which simply are not worth the worry or the potential ramifications.  Secure fridge trailer rental facilities which can be situated by a kitchen, in a car park, the middle of a field, between marquees, in a corridor or side room. Full flexibility with mains and generator powered units is a core benefit.

Take full advantage of market leaders services; Icecool Trailers  covers Berkshire, the Home Counties, the Thames Valley, South Wales, the Midlands and London.

Remember, you don’t have to choose the hire firm that’s just around the corner, select the one that enhances your operations rather than hinders them. Icecool Trailers deliver and collect refrigerated trailer rental units of varying sizes and capacities to and from site and set them up for clients. This maximises efficiency and removes fuel and vehicle maintenance costs for the customer, creating an exceptionally competitive fee for fully maintained, hygienic and legislation meeting lockable units.

School plays and fetes, exhibition events and county shows may not appear to be key fridge trailer rental causes but even when only tea and coffee is being served the milk must be refrigerated. Does the on-site refrigeration have capacity for 100 pints of milk? Rarely.

A county show normally features crafts, foods and livestock. Where, as an exhibitor do you plan to keep the samples and ingredients, or animal feed and water? Refrigerated trailers provide an ideal solution.

If your restaurant enjoys an increase in customers but you don’t know whether this level will be sustained it is likely that purchasing additional refrigeration facilities is not desirable, you may not have the space to house units indoors.  Therefore, your first investigation should be in to refrigerated trailer rental to house all stock as the law dictates, indoors or outside the premises, wherever it’s needed. Staff can work within fridge trailer rental units and trailers can be conveniently repositioned during the hire period.

Hire fees can be offset against the greater revenue at this time, and not turning customers away means that they won’t wander to your competitors. Hire extensions are easy to arrange.

Speak to refrigerated trailers specialists about your needs today, they’ll have the perfect solution at an excellent rate.


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