Gain Mobility with Financial Freedom – Car Subscription

Gain Mobility with Financial Freedom – Car Subscription

Many people compromise their lifestyle by not opting to buy a car. There are justifications of course – the costs involved in this important acquisition are going up by the day and so are other living costs. Luckily, new services are cropping up addressing this very common concern. By subscribing to a car, you can dodge the liabilities of regular car ownership while getting all the positives. Introduced by Zoomcar, the ZAP subscription system is more than just a car lease; it has multiple perks that will help you balance your lifestyle and costs, while also enjoying the privileges of uncompromised mobility.

Advantages of Car Subscription

Privacy and freedom are the main reasons that we want to own a car. After all, you cannot depend on spotty public transport and expensive cabs for every travel need. Buying a car can lead to other headaches though, your down payment will be a large significant chunk of money and for the next few years you will have to pay EMIs and juggle them with increasing maintenance costs. With car subscription there is no down payment or EMIs to worry about. Use your savings for something else instead – invest or go for a nice foreign vacation even. Your subscribed car will be waiting for you at home.

What about the headache of maintenance? Well, that headache is gone and you don’t have to pay for it too. If you think your car needs some love and care, just get in touch with ZAP who will arrange a pick-up and thorough servicing session by expert mechanics.

Signing for ZAP has another immense advantage. Car subscription does not only mean savings – you can also enjoy some extra income by listing your car for rent on the Zoomcar platform whenever you do not use it for a stretch. All you need to do is use the app to facilitate this and there is no interaction required with customers.

Great for Young Professionals

The life of a young professional is an exciting one. It can involve moving between cities and of course, different passions and experiences that cost some money. Subscription is that perfect way to have the car you love without a permanent commitment. You can subscribe for six months or a year, or a maximum of two years. This allows you to change cars frequently too, and there are so many nice ones to choose from.

Freedom without Liabilities

The shared economy today allows us to enjoy the things we love without stretching our finances. Car buying too is something that people are reconsidering with the availability of subscription services like ZAP. From your office commute to unforgettable road trips with friends and family, these are things you can experience any time. Minimal liabilities and all the perks, ZAP might be the solution you are looking for.

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