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The Vehicles of Today: How to Get Them


Owning a vehicle is every man’s dream. The feeling that it gives when you drive your new car is unexplainable. However, there are things to consider before buying your vehicle, like the current trends and the technologies that are now available in each unit. In our world today, cars have become more like computers – they are smart, and they have high connectivity to other devices and even the internet. We can see these vehicles every day, driving on local roads and streets. But, what can we do to get our first vehicle, and what features should be included when we get hold of our dream cars?

Get Into The World of Vehicles

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The Latest Vehicle Trends of 2017

  1. In 2017, vehicle manufacturers will be using the blockchain technology to avoid counterfeit vehicle parts. This is the same technology being used in trading bitcoin. Vehicle manufacturers say that this measure is useful, and it will entirely crush the fake vehicle parts industry.
  2. Vehicle manufacturers are also thinking of installing augmented reality on 2017 units, and they stated that it would improve road safety. Manufacturers are thinking about integrating computer systems on each vehicle so that they will display relevant information like traffic situation on cars installed with augmented reality.
  3. 3D printing is one of the most critical inventions today. Vehicle manufacturers are now using 3D printed vehicle parts to lower the cost of repairs and replacement. Vehicles that will be released in 2017 will have the capability to support 3D printed parts. Based on the tests and experiments done by vehicle manufacturing companies, cars which have 3D printed pieces will have no trouble running. These parts will also be sold to dealerships at a lower price. They are also thinking about 3D printing cars ultimately, to lower the cost of each unit, but they are still studying about its possibility.
  4. Self-driving vehicles will soon dominate the roads. Vehicle manufacturers are now creating self-driving cars that are guided by computers and the GPS technology. Experts agree that within a few years, these types of vehicles can be seen on a daily basis, driving on city roads. Self-driving cars are now being used in North America and Europe, but they are still at a trial stage. Some accidents are happening involving these vehicles, and the technology is far from being perfect, but scientists and car manufacturers are working together to create a self-driving car that is safe and efficient.
  5. Since computers are now integrated into vehicle systems, car manufacturers are putting antivirus and anti-hacking system on each vehicle that they create. According to them, this is necessary to prevent accidents and other unfortunate events on the road. Computer systems inside the cars of today are vulnerable to cyber-attacks, and if the hackers are successful in controlling the vehicle, it would mean disaster, and this is the scenario that vehicle manufacturers wanted to prevent.
  6. Another trend this year is the proliferation of vehicle-based applications like UBER. These applications are being used globally because they make traveling cheaper. Vehicle manufacturers are also thinking about integrating a carpooling application on each vehicle so that car usage, especially in cities, would be reduced, lessening the pollution and other adverse environmental impacts.

Getting your Dream Car

You might be dreaming of owning the best vehicle ever since you are a kid, and now that you are older, you start to wonder – “how can I get hold of my dream car?” It seems to be an impossible task especially for those who earn a little, but owning your dream car is possible, only if you believe in yourself. The first thing that you have to do to buy your dream car is to do extensive research. You have to search for the vehicle’s specifications online, and then try to choose which car model you would like for a particular brand.

Once you’re set up, you can search the internet for sellers of second-hand vehicles which sell your dream car. You can try searching for groups in Facebook which focuses on the specific type of vehicle that you wanted, or you can also search for online forums to find the path to your car.

Alternatively, you can go straight to the bank and ask for a car loan, if the vehicle that you wanted is one of the latest models. You can also get the advice from financial advisors on how you can save up money to buy your car. Saving is the key, and if you want to buy your dream car, you will do everything to save up. You can also open a small business first that you think would be a hit, and when you have the right amount of money, you can go straight to the dealership and purchase your dream car. It is advisable to buy your vehicle from the same brand dealership so that the dealers can show you all of the features of the car, and most dealerships also offer test driving.

Once you’re right and decided to buy the car of your dreams, you would even have to consider some add-ons to maintain your vehicle. It is recommended that car insurance should be purchased with the vehicle, and for people living in New Zealand, Youi NZ is one of the most reliable companies offering car insurance. You can even keep an eye on their youtube channel to stay updated with Youi Nz. This protection for the vehicle is useful because no one knows when an accident can take place. With coverage on hand, expensive repairs can be avoided. Another thing that should be considered by vehicle owners would be car maintenance. Most dealerships offer vehicle maintenance plans, and you only have to speak with the dealers about it. These maintenance plans include oil change services, tire replacement services, and other basic services that would increase your vehicle’s performance.


The world is changing rapidly, and with the advancement in technology, the vehicles of today are becoming more and more different from their predecessors. These trends will surely change as time passes, and vehicles will be more advanced and environment-friendly in the future because of the problems that we have today.

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