Guide on Taking a Practical Driving Test

Guide on Taking a Practical Driving Test

Ready to take your driving practical test? You have to convince the instructor that you are ready to sit behind the wheel. The day you go for this practical test can be your big day. Here are some tips that can give you a great breakthrough.

The first thing is to plan for your time well. You need to give yourself enough time to learn how to drive for you to pass the exam. It’s not good to rush this process because you will develop most of the skills through experience. Remember it can be quite expensive to take numerous tests. Your instructor is better placed to guide you when you are ready for the exam.

You also need to budget for this process quite well. There are so many costs that come with learning how to drive and you need to set aside enough funds for the process. The cost includes professional driving lesson, theory test, provisional driving license, and the practical driving test. You need to have regular lessons by aiming at least two hours per week. This helps the learner to progress consistently and boosts his or her confidence. It will also not allow the learners any time to forget what they have already learnt and maximize the time they spent with the instructor.

You also need to record your progress by noting down when you have acquired a great milestone. Celebrating your achievements will keep you motivated for long. Some tutors will maintain a progress log that will assist learners to track their current state on the syllabus. However, you can prepare your own progress report if your tutor does not provide one.

The most important thing is to practice most of the time. After getting enough experience with your instructor, you can get a relative or friend to get you out for some extra road practice. You will gain a lot of confidence through regular practice. Therefore, you need to spend a lot of time behind the wheel. Only fully licensed drivers who have an experience of three years and over 21 years of age are allowed to accompany a learner. You also need to have the relevant insurance in place.

Make sure you remain focused in between your lessons. There are several online learning tools like RED’s Road Brain Trainer or several Smartphones Applications such as Theory Test UK offered by Driving Test Success. Make sure you practice on how to spot potential risks while on the road. It will grant you greater insights of possible situations and how to avoid them.

You have to pass the theory test before you take a practical driving test. Do at least 10 to 14 hours of practical training before you sit for the theory test. After passing the theory test, book the practical exam and start working towards passing it. Get a good sleep at night a day before the test. Sleep early enough to settle your nerves. Remain calm if you feel like you are losing focus or feel tensed. You may also feel like you made a mistake but concentration is key. You can take a few deep breaths to calm your mind, avoid dwelling on the past, and focus on the subsequent instructions. Some minor mistakes will not stop you from passing the exam as long as you remain focused. Don’t shy away from asking the examiner whatever you are not sure off. Remember the exam is also part of the learning process.

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