How To Overcome Fear While Driving a Car?

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Many novice drivers experience a sense of fear when behind the wheel of a car and each trip seems to be dangerous. Of course, if you are in such psychological state, it is very difficult to enjoy driving regardless whether you are driving some luxury Mercedes or a reliable used Volkswagen .

Here are a few techniques that can help you relax when driving:

  1. Autoregulation of breathing.

Under normal conditions, no one thinks about breathing. However, when for some reason there are some stressful things happing in your life, it suddenly becomes difficult to breathe. Breathing becomes difficult under physical stress as well. Conversely, when we experience strong fright or when expecting something, we involuntarily hold our breath. A person has the ability, by consciously controlling breathing, to use it to calm down, to relieve tension – both muscular and mental one. Thus, autoregulation of breating can be an effective means of combating stress, along with relaxation and concentration.

We will not go into details here about what breathing exercises exist, as you can easily find plenty on the Internet, but we would like to tell you some facts about them instead:

– With the help of deep and quiet autoregulated breathing, you can prevent mood swings;

– With laughter, sighs, coughing, talking, singing or recitation, certain changes in the rhythm of breathing occur in comparison with the so-called normal automatic breathing. It leads to the conclusion that the method and rhythm of breathing can be purposefully regulated by conscious slowing;

– An increase in the duration of exhalation helps calm down;

– The breathing of a calm and balanced person is significantly different from the breathing of a person in a state of stress. Thus, the rhythm of breathing can determine the mental state of a person;

– The duration of the individual breathes does not matter – the rhythm is what matters most;

– Human health, and, hence, life expectancy largely depends on proper breathing. And if breathing is an innate unconditioned reflex, then, consequently, it can be consciously regulated;

“The slower, deeper, quieter and more rhythmically we breathe and the sooner we get used to this method of breathing, the sooner it will become an integral part of our life.

  1. Anti-stress breathing.

Slowly take a deep breath through your nose; at the peak of the inhale, hold your breath for a moment, then exhale as slowly as possible. This is a soothing breathing. Try to imagine that with each deep breath and prolonged exhalation you are getting rid of stress little by little.

  1. One-mitune relaxation.

Relax the corners of your mouth, moisten your lips. Relax your shoulders. Focus on the expression of your face and body: remember that they reflect your emotions, thoughts and your internal state. It is only natural that you do not want others to know about your stressful condition. In this case, you can change the language of your face and body by relaxing the muscles and breathing deep.

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