Important Information You Need to Know About the Good Distribution Practice

good distribution practice in Singapore

For medicine purchasers, what they want is to get only the finest quality product circulated in store. It is vital for buyers to have quality settled first on their list with medicines as these highlight safety. When it comes to medicine distribution, settling the practice properly is vital.

While talking about the distribution of medicines, good distribution practice in Singapore is known. To identify what this distribution process is and how it affects the quality of medicinal goods, then this page can help you with that. Read on and gather all the important information settled for this required practice.

Knowing Good Distribution Practice (GDP)

Good Distribution Practice deals with guidelines settled for the appropriate distribution of medicines for humans. This is done to ensure the quality of products. Also, distributors must maintain the integrity of these products. GDP is a quality warranty system where purchase requirements, storage, exporting, and receiving are worked rightly with drugs.

The Importance of GDP

Good Distribution Practice is crucial for the safety of patients. When those drugs distributed are not in quality, then they all gather a serious effect on humans. For those involved with medicinal products’ wholesale supply, that is when they should follow the associated guidelines linked with GDP.

Satisfying Things about GDP

When it comes to the distribution of pharmaceutical medicines, it is vital to follow the settled rule for it. This is where Good Distribution Practice takes its place. The system utilized in the measure should be excellent and documentation needs to be concise. It is hard for distributors to find difficulties in reading and understanding the document, in which case, they see it as a burden. With how this quality system works, businesses find it much easier to follow rules and regulations. It is because of an accurate system implementation where distributors find beneficial things in terms of the procedure. With a quality GDP operation, organizations:

o   Increase their market share

o   Lessen waste

o   Motivate staff in their training

o   Improve the product’s efficiency

o   Lower the risk of fake medicines

o   Ensure that those given GDP principles are applied to the supply chain

o   Help in obtaining consistency

o   Reduce any complaint distribution

o   Provide a worthy culture of constant development

o   Maintain both the patient’s safety and the product’s integrity

The Inspection of Goods

If you apply as a manufacturer or a wholesaler, securing a license is needed. But more than that, your products are thoroughly inspected by authorities. Inspection is essential as it helps in knowing if your distribution site abides by the rule of Good Distribution Practice. As for the inspection, this is of different types, which are known as:

o   Risk-based Compliance Programme

For this, authorities will tell you about the inspection in advance. But one thing you must notice here is they put it up under short notice by sending little or no notification at all.

o   Triggered Inspection

When the authorities are informed about any possible breaches in your company, that is when a triggered inspection happens. As for this type, no notification of their inspection is delivered. Everything works surprisingly here.

o   Product-related

Product-related inspections work with the checking of a manufacturer that complies with GDP. This is when authorities tell you that they will be holding an inspection of your organization in advance.


When it comes to distributing medicines for human consumption, it is vital to be knowledgeable about how Good Distribution Practice works. With this, your organization is assured of safety and quality. What GDP does helps your company be named as credible. Aside from that, it helps in the reduction of cost and increases the productivity of your goods.

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