John Clemenza On Use Of Sun Cream To Prevent Skin Cancer

Use Of Sun Cream To Prevent Skin Cancer

John Clemenza feels that one should be safe in the sun else skin cancer can occur, and one should understand the sun cream. It is the cream that is applied thinly, and the whole body should be covered, and one would need an egg cup amount, and it is better to apply it every 2 to 3 hours. Applying thirty minutes before going out will give good desired result and remember that no sun cream will give unlimited protection.

John Clemenza on tips to walk in the sun

According to John Clemenza, clothing is an important aspect of a person who plans to walk in the sun, and one should understand the risks involved in walking in excessive sun conditions. Sun rays will get reflected from any place, and one should not consider beach as the only place that can cause havoc.  Sunglasses, sun hat and a tightly woven fabric that covers neck, ears and neck back are ideal for a person planning to go out in the excessive sun and one should umbrella that will prevent fall of harmful sun rays.

A simple tan will help in the prevention of skin cancer and stay in the shade will help in the prevention of burning and overexposure and it will prevent premature ageing and wrinkles. Drinking plenty of non-alcoholic drinks is a must, and one should go for making sure that body stays hydrated all time. Gradual exposure to sunlight is a sure way to prevent skin cancer.

If the skin develops moles or rashes after exposure to sunlight one should consult a doctor. Moles can be itchy and can cause bleeding, and this should be immediately consulted with the doctor.

How to choose a sun cream?

Many people are confused about choosing a sunscreen cream that helps in prevention of overexposure, and that helps in prevention of skin cancer. A person buying a sunscreen cream would have found the three letters SPF. It, when expanded, would become the sun protection factor, and it will represent the factor in which your skin would resist burning when exposed to sunlight. A spf15 would mean that one can sit out for 150 minutes before getting bad and spf20 means one could sit out for 200 minutes.

A person who has exhausted the time limit should get out of the sun as reapplying the cream will do no benefit. It is better to stick with a maximum of SPF30.

SPF would protect the skin from UVB rays, and one should understand in detail what UVB rays are. The rays from the sun that penetrates the superficial skin areas and these rays have been linked to skin cancer.

UVA rays cause more harm to the skin and will cause considerable damage to skin cancer and DNA damage. One should buy sunscreen creams that have UVA badge also.

John Clemenza states that one should apply roughly 35 ml of the sun cream for the whole body and one should also desist from using sunscreen creams that are labeled as waterproof as no cream is 100% waterproof. A regular use of sun creams at right proportion will help in the prevention of burning and skin cancer. A maximum protection while going out will benefit all.

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