Monument Immigration- one Solution for all Immigrant Difficulties

one Solution for all Immigrant Difficulties

Marriage has been a part of civilization from the earliest period. Marriage, once a strong connection between man and wife, are now just a flimsy piece of paper. Over time, marriage has rehabilitated.  Same-sex marriage is one of the most important political issues in the United States. The Supreme Court of the US ruled that the Constituents pledges a right to same-sex marriage. However, same-sex marriage endures to be a highly discussed issue. The benefit of having a professional lgbt immigration lawyer can’t be overstated. They give effective solution for same-sex immigration and consular processing. The Monument immigration provides various immigration services including same-sex immigration.

In June 2013, the U.S. Supreme Court run into the Defense of Marriage Act where the government finally accepts and authorize same-sex marriages and relationships for all domestic purposes. Straightaway, same sex couples can apply for their spouses to obtain Adjustment of status (green card), K-1 Visas, and Consular Processing. Adjustment of status allows US Citizens to apply for the Legal Permanent Residence of their close family members who stay in the United States at present. A fiancé (e) visa is faster and more effective than consular processing for the married couple. It also gives the Intending Immigrant achance to getinto the United States before getting married. To get the K-1 Fiance Visa, the applicant must:

  • Be engaged to a US citizen
  • Never have lived illegally in the US
  • Have met their fiance at least formerly within the last two years
  • Now reside outside the United States
  • have no unlawful history involving sexual category crimes

For K-1 Visas, the Monument immigration charges a flat, simple fee of $2000 dollars. They provide reasonable legal counsel to everyone chasing the American Dream.  If the couple doesn’t meet one or more of these requirements, it could still be possible to get a K-1 Visa. However, these cases should be evaluated by an immigration lawyer to give the best chance at success. An lgbt immigration lawyer can effectively guide and support to get Adjustment of status (green card), K-1 Visas, and Consular Processing.

Consular Processing allows U.S. Citizens to request to take along their family members to the United States. The requirements for Consular Processing are as follows,

  • Spouse, Child under 21, or parent of U.S. Citizen
  • S. Citizen does not have a criminal history involving sexual category crimes
  • Family member has never been illegally present in the U.S.
  • Family member has no unlawful history in home country

Typically, legal marriage is the most dependable way to become a citizen in the U.S. While even officially married same-sex couples did not have this access to citizenship under the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), same-sex and opposite-sex unions are now equally secureunder federal law. The Monument immigration process the application within 48 hours after getting complete details. To process the application, the government takes around nine months. They also help the applicant to prepare for the interview process at affordable cost. Monument immigration provides a complete solution for Lawful Permanent Residence (green card), same-sex immigration K-1 Visas, and Consular Processing.

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