Most Influential Mathematicians Of All Time

Most Influential Mathematicians Of All Time

From the satellites by which we watch our television programmes to the tap of our washroom, mathematics has revolutionized the entire universe. Often called as the language of the universe, mathematics is basic to our understanding of the world. Mathematics is filled with numerous interesting theories like calculus, Pythagoras theorem, probability, Laplace transform, Galois theory, etc. A list of names and accomplishments of some of the most influential mathematicians of all time is given in the points given below.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was an English mathematician born in 1642. He is known for his Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy which became the basics of understanding mechanics. Sir Isaac Newton also developed the binomial theorem.


Thales who is considered as the “first true mathematician” was a Greek mathematician born in 624 BC. He used mathematical principles to solve everyday problems. His principles are applied in the field of geometry which is a product of Thales’ Theorem.


Archimedes was Greek mathematician born in 287 BC. He provided the methods and principles which are used in today’s mathematics. Archimedes developed the method of exhaustion and a system for large numbers to be expressed. He also provided the numerical value of pi.


Considered as the Father of Geometry, Euclid was a Greek mathematician born in 365 BC. In 300 BC, he published a mathematical treatise known as “Elements,” which revolutionized the field of mathematics by some amazing theories.


Aryabhata was a famous Indian scientist born in 476 BC who is known for writing the Arya-Siddhanta and the Āryabhaṭīya. He provided the approximate value of pi and touched the concepts of the place value system, cosine and sine.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is one of the most influential mathematicians of all time. He was a German American scientist born in 1879. Before Einstein was fifteen years old he mastered the concepts of integration and differential integral calculus.


Ramanujan was a mathematics genius born in India in 1887. He helped expand various mathematical theories, mainly in infinite series, continued fractions, number theory, and mathematical analysis.

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