Road Trips The Right Way

Road Trips The Right Way

Road trips can be a great way to bond as a family while going on a cheaper vacation. But, like any family vacation, road trips can cause lots of undue stress. Being stuck in a small car for days at a time can make even the closest family get at each other’s throats. Between the tight spaces, the lack of sleep, and typically unhealthy snacking, things can seem to get out of control much faster than a typical vacation. One of the most unfortunate vacation tragedies can be when one of the family gets sick. Before packing up and leaving, check here at Review Critic to find the best ways to stay healthy for you entire trip. Once you’re all healthy and packed up, follow these great tips to have an incredible, memorable, family road trip!

Plan For The Little Towns

Like with most vacations, we tend to plan for the big destinations. When asked where you are going for vacation, you have some big spot in mind. If you are traveling by car, it is important to remember that the journey is the destination! We are not saying don’t plan for the big fun ending of the trip, but make sure you’ve researched what route you will take to get there and take the time to plan where you may want to take pit stops along the way. These smaller stops will be essential to keeping your family happy and healthy.

Most road trips tend to need many hours, even days, to get to the final destination. One way to find cute stops along the way is to decide how long you want to drive each day. If you are willing to drive 8 hours a day, then find a city or town within an hour of where that time frame will stop you. There won’t necessarily be a spot to stop right at the 8 hour mark, so be flexible. Check if there are fun things to do in the area or a nice place to lay your head for the night. These stops will allow the entire family time to spread out and recharge for the next leg of the adventure.

Eat Right

This may be one of the hardest part of staying healthy on a family vacation. Most road trips are filled with snacks and sugary drinks to stop hunger until the next main stop. One of the easiest ways to keep your diet on the right track is to coincide bathroom breaks with meal times. If you are just using the roadside rest stops for bathroom breaks, you are more likely to impulsively buy those unhealthy vending machine snacks to keep you full. Finding restaurants where you can actually fill up on a real, healthier meal, will not only give you extra time to rest out of the car, but will help you stay away from those dangerous snack foods.

When longer pit stops aren’t an option, make sure you have healthier snack options on hand.  These snacks should be packed with protein and fiber, instead of the typical fat and sugar.  Nuts, fruit, and granola bars are great ways to have a small bite to eat while not filling up on bad things. Since it still is vacation, if you still want those trademark salty and sweet snacks, pack your own snack size bags of chips and fun size candy bars. Allow everyone one salty and one sweet snack per day to help curb those unhealthy cravings. This can even add to the fun of a road trip, as those daily choices can become a fun, exciting part of the day.

Stay Organized

By far one of the most important parts of any vacation, keeping your car and suitcases organized will be crucial at keeping your adventures stress free.  Using over the seat hanging organizers will allow you more places to keep small toys and snacks at easy access for both you and the kids. Losing things can cause lots of undue stress, so knowing where you put things can help keep everyone happy.


A road trip can be a fun, new way to take your family on a much needed vacation.  By following these great tips, you will be able to plan a wonderful, stress free adventure!

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