Should you take a postpaid connection?

Should you take a postpaid connection?

A postpaid connection is best if you use your phone extensively all day, and need fast data speeds at a reasonable monthly price.

For most people, their introduction to the world of mobile phones comes by way of a prepaid connection and limited plan capabilities. Over time, one graduates to postpaid connections. However, there are many myths about postpaid plans and connections.

For one thing, many people believe that postpaid connections are more expensive than prepaid one. For another, they feel that postpaid connections offer more data and features than prepaid ones. On the face of it, there is not much to differentiate between the two as regards data usage goes. The only point of differences arise in terms of billing – you don’t need to recharge your postpaid connection, there is only a monthly bill to be paid.

Getting a postpaid connection makes complete sense if you wish to have a monthly billing cycle based on usage. Every mobile service provider has postpaid plans to offer: but which one should you go for?

Here’s a hot tip: go with any postpaid plan from Airtel.

Airtel Postpaid: Nothing but the best for you

For years now, Airtel has held sway in the domestic mobile market with the best plans, widest network coverage and largest subscriber base across providers. Not content to rest on its laurels, the company has constantly been innovating with its products and services.

As a result, Airtel postpaid has some of the best plans across all mobile service providers today. Here’s a snapshot of what you can get when you sign up for any of their postpaid plans:

The Rs 499 Infinity plan is quite popular at the moment and has thousands of users in your city already. It offers 40 GB data per month, along with unlimited calling and an annual free Amazon Prime subscription.

Consider the product features and benefits to you in totality whenever you wish to buy any postpaid plans. In fact, a side-by-side comparison between different providers also helps.

Consider the reasons for switching to a postpaid connection:

– If you like to use a lot of apps and toggle between them all the time. This uses up a lot of data which you need not worry about if you have a great postpaid plan with a lot of data every month.

– If you want your unused data to be rolled over into the next month, like Airtel postpaid offers you.

– If you want access to premium programming and films. If you take an Airtel postpaid connection, you can access the Airtel TV app and get access to a whole lot of shows and curated movies.

– If your phone is your primary source of information for everything that you need. Read the news, watch TV shows, do your banking and shopping, book tickets and experiences, use social media and messaging apps, make calls and send texts…all with the help of an excellent postpaid plan.

– If you want affordable pricing despite heavy usage. If your current postpaid plan is not satisfactory, you can always port to another provider with good plans and excellent customer care history.

– If you want an easy connection process. With Airtel postpaid, you just need to apply for a new connection online. Your details are verified within just a couple of days and the connection is activated quite quickly.

So when are you switching to Airtel postpaid?


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