Smoking e-cigarettes – Are they good for health or just a worthy alternative?

Smoking e-cigarettes – Are they good for health or just a worthy alternative?

Once you take a look at the bigger picture, you will see that an increasingly large number of smokers are choosing electronic cigarettes which are also known as e-cigs, vapor cigarettes or just e-cigarettes. There are few who use them because of the fact that they would like to prefer a less toxic alternative to tobacco. They are the ones who smoke e-cigs as a part of their nicotine replacement therapy where they try their best to stop using nicotine for good.

E-cigarettes usually work in a similar manner where they have a small cartridge that’s filled with the e-liquid and also a heating element. Battery is used to heat up the element and this leads the liquid to vaporize so that it can be inhaled in an easier way. However, smoking an e-cigarette is actually called vaping. There is a wide array of products available in the market these days and e-cigs have pre-filled cartridges which can be replaced and removed after they’re used.

Do e-cigarettes cause harm to your health?

When the electronic liquid is heated, the harmful substance might arise in smaller amounts as compared to tobacco cigarettes. There are several smokers who find it increasingly tough to live without tobacco and nicotine and for them, choosing e-cigs, which is the lesser of the 2 evils, is a better a option. The smoke which comes from tobacco cigarettes is caused due to the carcinogens which are burnt. On the contrary, e-cigarettes don’t have tobacco in them and hence they release very few toxic substances. There is also no carbon monoxide in the vapor caused by e-cigarettes. You may get your e-cig from online resources like

Do e-cigs assist you in quitting tobacco?

It is claimed by the e-cigarette companies that they assist people in quitting smoking tobacco cigarettes. Till now, there have been very few scientific researches on whether or not they actually help smokers to quit smoking or smoke less. They’ve found 2 different studies which took into account whether or not the electronic cigarettes boost chances of quitting tobacco successfully. A total number of 650 people participated in the studies and majority of them could successfully quit smoking within 6-12 months.

Some among the people surveyed who could stop smoking were still vaping e-cigarettes even when the study ended. The others were neither using electronic cigarettes nor smoking tobacco cigarettes. Hence it can be easily concluded that e-cigarettes are a healthier option than smoking due to its less harmful effect on human body.

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