Taximeter Calculates The Price 0f The Trip By Taxi

calculates the price of the trip by taxi

Have you ever felt ripped off when taking a taxi in an unfamiliar city?Now you can get into the taxi with an exact idea of ​​the route that the taxi should take for the trip you request, and the price it will cost you.

This is thanks to Taximeter a web that is based on Google Maps and calculates the most accurate route to reach your destination, geolocating your starting point. So far, nothing new.

However, it also gives you updated cost information at current rates when you travel by taxi. This will help you because when you arrive in a new city, you may not know the cost of starting the trip, or the value for kilometers or waiting time.

It is available for use in the city of Santiago de Chile , Mendoza and Buenos Aires in Argentina and Madrid and Barcelona in Spain.

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