The Environmental Effect of a Linen Hire Service

The Environmental Effect of a Linen Hire Service

The laundry you do at work is one of the biggest drivers of waste in your business. It’s also one of the most easily forgotten parts because it does not seem like waste. Unlike your trash, you don’t see the kind of waste that is related to your laundry. However, it is there. The waste comes from the money you spend on the utilities necessary to run your washing machines, the utilities necessary to dry the clothes, the machines themselves, and maintenance on said machines. Depending on your business, you could be running those laundry machines multiple times per day. You’ll even see your expenses increasing exponentially when that happens.

Your expenses increase exponentially because running your machines more often will not only increase the amount of money needed to clean linens. It will also increase how often you need to repair the machines and how often you need to replace tattered linens. That’s the exponential curve in expenses. You will also see an upward trend in the environmental effects related to washing your own linens.

Environmental Effects

A washing machine on a natural gas water heater line consumes water, gas, and electricity every time you use it. The water is a resource unto itself; also, many resources are consumed to treat the water at a water treatment facility. A large amount of the electricity produced in the UK still comes from the burning of fossil fuels which are nonrenewable. Finally, the gas itself is a fossil fuel that is burned. All of these have effects that ecologists are just starting to understand. Finally, the consumers’ washing machines are not the most efficient washing machines you will find. Therefore, they are consuming more of these resources than they should. Such consumption leads to a lot of waste around washing your linens at your business. If you want to reduce that waste, you should hire Johnsons Stalbridge to provide you with fresh linens whenever you need them.

How it Works

The system for a linen hire is fairly straightforward. You will set up a contract with the linen company for a certain amount of linens that are to be delivered at a certain rate. Such a schedule could be every day, once a month, or whatever is right for your business. Then, they will deliver the first set of linens. At the agreed-upon interval, they will pick up your used linens and deliver freshly laundered linens. This process will go on for as long as you have the contract with them. You never have to wash linens or replace ones that have become damaged. How does this help the environment, though? Aren’t you just trading your washing machine for a commercial machine?

Commercial Washing Machines

Commercial washing machines that are specifically designed with the environment in mind can be much more efficient than your domestic machines. They’re more efficient, for one, because they are larger. The energy required to run a larger machine does not increase proportionally with the size of the machine. You’ll need more water in a machine twice the size of a domestic machine, but that doesn’t mean you’ll need twice as much. That in itself will be savings on water used when washing linens.

Furthermore, a washing machine twice the size of yours does not require twice as much electricity or twice as much heat. Also, the heat is trapped in a large machine better than in one of the smaller domestic machines. That means it will be better insulated against heat escaping.

Lastly, a commercial washing machine can be better tuned. There are diminishing returns to the amount of water and the amount of heat used in a machine. When the heat of the water increases, the machine will wash linens more efficiently. However, at some point, increased heat will not greatly increase the efficiency of the cleaning. Those are the diminishing returns. If a machine is specifically designed to hit the ideal balance of energy use and washing capacity, it will waste less energy overall.


Some of the water from your washing cycle will be trapped in the linens and have to be dried; however, a lot of the water remains in the basin. In a domestic machine that water is piped out as wastewater. However, a good linen company will recycle the leftover water. The water will be piped into a filtration unit that cleans the water and allows it to be used again. This can reduce water usage by up to 50%.

To do this, the company has to use a biodegradable detergent, though. A detergent that does not degrade naturally will be much more difficult to filter and reuse. A biodegradable detergent also contributes much less to pollution and resources used.

Delivery Drivers

The final link in the chain of environmental impact is the delivery itself. The delivery trucks will most likely consume fossil fuels to get to and from the laundry centre. Companies reduce the environmental impact of these in two different ways: they teach their drivers more environmentally-friendly techniques and also work to improve their vehicles.

Much like a large washing machine, a large vehicle can actually be more efficient than a smaller one. A smaller truck will require more trips to carry all of the linens. If the company uses a larger truck, they’ll be able to take fewer trips and burn less fuel. The drivers can also help burn less fuel with their driving techniques.

Trucks burn the most fuel when they are accelerating. The faster the driver accelerates, the more fuel they will consume. Therefore, reducing fast starts and sudden stops will reduce the amount of fuel consumed.

When you put all of this together, you end up with a more environmentally responsible option than cleaning your own linens. Also, you will be able to get clean linens without having to lift a finger. You don’t have to wash your own linens, replace damaged linens, or worry about having enough linens. It’s a situation that will save you money, save you time, and save the environment some stress.

You just need to find the right linen hire company in your area.

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