The Essential Trip to the Airport and the Options

The Essential Trip to the Airport and the Options

We looked at the typical mistakes of the customers who, by booking a taxi to the airport, confuse everything: dates, time, airports, flights, write their own name with errors and leave their home phone number instead of mobile.

Now closer to the topic! Let’s pass from the analysis of errors directly to the main question – how correctly to fill in an application for a transfer to the airport?

To do this, go to and specify the address of the car. If you need to meet at the airport, then this is one of the airports. For your convenience, they placed under the windows “where” and “where” the names of the three main airports. More truly, their codes, appropriated by the International Association of Air Transport (IATA). After you have chosen the airport, the system will ask you to enter the flight number.

Next – fill the “where” field. In principle, it is not very important what you write there. The main thing is for you to be met, and where you need – then tell. Also, it is very important to correctly specify the date and time. Especially if you order a taxi to the airport, and not from the airport! Please check the accuracy of this information three times!

By the way, if you are planning to return home from a trip, it is more reasonable to immediately order a return transfer by clicking the “back” button.

We proceed to the next stage

Now you need to choose the type of transport, depending on the number of passengers. We have 5 classes of cars, which can comfortably accommodate from 1 to 18 passengers. There you must specify the exact number of passengers (including children) and the number of child seats and boosters.

By the way, the service provide free of charge one child seat, or one booster. If you need more, you will have to pay 200 dollars for each additional seat or booster. Please, keep in mind that all additional services are not paid on the website, when you order a taxi to the airport, but directly to the driver, in cash.

Now you need to specify your contact details: name, surname, e-mail and phone so that we can contact you at any time and specify all details of the trip. Your default name will be used as the text of the sign for meeting at the airport. If you want to have a different text on the plate with which the driver meets you, please indicate it in the comments. For example: I want the driver to meet me with a sign “Donald Trump”. Be sure, we will do everything, without problems. In the same place, in the comments you can specify any information. In principle, comments on online booking of a taxi to the airport – this is the only place where you can write anything and any number. We specially made a large volume for this window, so as not to limit your imagination.

That’s it. Have a nice trip!

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