The good status of freelancer jobs

The good status of freelancer jobs

This status of being a freelancer is great, but we need to be fair and to see its benefits. We cannot say that there are too many, but it is good to know these disadvantages so that they can be countered more easily!

QuiGig – Quickly Hire For A Gig   says that as a freelancer, whether you like it or not, you have to take over all of the existing roles in a company: goalkeeper, secretary, cashier, financier, sales agent, marketing representative, PR representative, typist, etc. + your basic job. These things at one point can keep you instead of doing your job well. It can become tedious and sometimes unpleasant.

The lack of constant income can also be a problem. There are also happy cases where you can have a steady income, but you will often not enjoy such pleasure. You should be an employee to have a steady income. Your bills can sometimes push you to even work at low rates under the pressure of paying them.

Freelancers will have to work more, despite appearances. This point is related to the first disadvantage, namely the volume of administrative work that you will have to pay if you want to increase your income.Check this out.

A company usually works with short-term freelancers. In the long run, the idea of ​​a freelancer does not suggest seriousness. They prefer a company to deliver those services. Usually a company has a higher credibility than a freelancer, but this is not always true. For example, if you are a freelancer trainer, a company will only approach you when there is no other option. Companies will prefer to either hire or work with dedicated employees, not freelancers who work with the competition. Therefore, you can be a good freelancer, but given some of the considerations outlined above.

As a freelancer, it will be very difficult to get support from third parties. You can rely on friends, but with measure. For example, when you are employed you can take ask a colleague to helpyou with your tasks. You can seek his advice and you can support each other. You can put resources and knowledge together, and things get simpler. Freelancers does not benefit from this support. At the same time, with limited expertise, you can lose customers. A customer may need a, b, c, d, and e. It is hard for a person to really be the expert in all so that a client will turn to another company that can deliver the full range of services.

I have answered the first two questions, which are the advantages and disadvantages of this status. It can be nice as long as the freelancer is happy with what he is paid. You can envy a freelancer for the benefits he has. Being a freelancer can be an endless joy if you can counteract the disadvantages. The freelancer can live his life fully and he can receive money for doing what he likes.


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