Tips for College Freshmen

Tips for College Freshmen

Are you heading off to college next semester? Congratulations to you on your determination to continue your educational journey. This decision will reap countless benefits for the rest of your life. No doubt you’ve completed four rigorous years of high school and are anxious to get started with a new adventure on a college campus. Heading off to college is a time of excitement, trepidation and lots of change. Follow these recommendations from recent graduates and college admissions counselors to ensure your freshman year is launched for success.

Connect with your roommate over the summer to break the ice. Either reach out over social media or pick up the phone. The transition on the first day in the dorm will be easier if you’ve connected over the summer. Determine who is bringing which shared items such as a rug or dorm fridge. Check with the university’s housing department to see what restrictions, if any, there are on items for the dorm rooms. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and make your selections for dorm items from the huge array available from Amazon. Find great deals on bedding and linens.

Once on campus, reach out to people that are not from your home town or in your course of study. University life is about sharing new ideas with new people. Be receptive to those that may have ideas that differ from your own. You may learn something. Connect with each of your professor during their office hours the first week of class. You’ll take comfort in knowing you established a connection with them should you need to reach out for additional help. Establish a regular study pattern and find a quiet place to study. While the actual time spent in class in college is substantially less than high school, the work load and volume of material is substantially higher. Having too much time on your hands is just as dangerous as not having enough. Time management is key to success.

Finally, stay connected with those at home that helped you in your journey to prepare for college. This may be family members as well as teachers or community mentors. They want to know how you’re doing and stay in touch with you as well. Best of luck to you!

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