Top 5 Stops On A Cairns To Sydney Campervan Trip

Many travellers place Australia near the top of their bucket list due to the country’s varied landscape, abundance of activities, and unique, laid back charms. One of the top destinations is on Australia’s east coast where lively cities mix with charming surf towns which give way to miles and miles of undeveloped coastline. A great way to experience this classic Australian layout is to take your campervan hire from Cairns in the North to Sydney in the South, experiencing the sights and activities which have kept backpackers on this trail for many decades. Should you decide to make this trip, check out these top five stops to make along the way.


If unspoiled coastal scenes and some of the most famous surfing spots in the world sound inviting to you, then you should definitely plan a stop in Newcastle. This area offers beaches that are easily accessible from the city, creating a casual and laid back atmosphere that has kept Newcastle as a favorite in the eyes of travellers for a very long time. The city itself features friendly locals, a wide assortment of dining options, and a varied nightlife scene offering everything from dive bars to high end clubs and more.

Newcastle is absolutely legendary with large droves of backpackers, fellow RV travellers, and surfers from around the world making the journey each year to this golden stretch of coast. For an urban environment, the pace here is very relaxed and can work wonders for a weary traveller, enveloping you in scenic beauty, great waves, abundant sunshine, and great people. This is the perfect mix of urban excitement and coastal beauty, and you will definitely not regret stopping off here for a day or two of sun, surf, and fun on your journey.

Port Macquarie

This is another legendary spot for surfers and is known to be a great place for those who may not be at the top of their surf game and for beginners as well. The beaches around Port Macquarie do not come with the territorial locals that can be found at some of the other famous surf spots. Here you can take your time and learn the sport without embarrassment or judgement. The coasts are easily as scenic and feature waves as satisfying as any found in Newcastle, but the slightly out-of-the-way location keeps the crowds thin. This makes for a relaxing and laid back environment, and there is plenty to be found in the town itself including great shopping, eating, and local colour.

Lennox Head

Located right near Byron Bay, this is definitely a great stop to make if you want to experience some of the best beaches the planet has to offer. This is the heart of the Gold Coast and a perfectly scenic destination to steer your campervan hire through. This area includes the legendary Point which has been attracting world class surfers for many decades, not to mention a plethora of secluded, sandy beaches and wildlife galore.

Byron Bay

Speaking of Byron Bay, this stunning town offers epic views, an incredible nightlife scene, and of course the most famous surfing spots in all of Australia. No Australian east coast journey is complete without at least a look at Byron, so definitely make sure to keep this one on your list. The culture here is colorful and laid back, featuring surfers, travellers, and super friendly locals. Byron Bay is so inviting that many have chosen to stay here forever, attested to by the large expat community in this region. Whether you’re just looking for a nice beach day or intending to sample the unique culture of the region, Byron Bay is an absolute must.


This is one of the most up-and-coming cities in Australia. Formerly a quiet, uneventful town, Brisbane has seen a steady influx of culture and commerce and is now considered one of the hippest and youngest cities in the Nation. Featuring a plethora of small businesses, thriving art and nightlife scenes, and great dining and shopping opportunities, Brisbane has a lively and friendly vibe that has endeared it to travellers in recent years. The costs here are still relatively affordable, so take advantage of the great eats to be found in one of the many new restaurants, food trucks, and other establishments popping up in the city. You can also enjoy the famous artificial beach which is tough to tell from a real beach and just adds to the off-kilter, loveable vibe of this developing scene.

A road trip along Australia’s eastern coast is highly recommended for any Australian traveller. The best way to appreciate this scenery is to grab yourself a campervan hire and hit the road, stopping off in the many amazing locations along the way. This is the ultimate Australian road experience, and you certainly won’t be disappointed should you decide to take this drive.

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