Tower Fan shopping guide- How to choose the best for your need?

best tower fans

Fans circulate the air and provide instant cooling solutions to all your summer problems. Fans too have undergone changes with the advancements in technology. But still, they remain the most viable and economical cooling option for almost all the people. Not everyone can afford to bear the costs and after effects of air conditioners. We bring to you a complete shopping guide for tower fans.

A large variety of tower fans are available in the market. When you choose to buy a tower fan you have to be quite vigilant about the things around you.

Let’s know some benefits of using a tower fan.

Tower fan is a compact unit which can offer an incredibly high flow of air to you. The air is distributed at the angles of 90 degrees by this fan. It oscillates on a stationary base. The designs of the best tower fans are such that it becomes an efficient and effective cooling product wherever used. Another benefit of using a tower fan is that its design allows it to slide in between the narrow spaces where the air of the normal fans is unable to reach. Also, many models of the tower fans provide for ionization of the air thus delivering clean and healthy air.

If you are troubled by the soaring temperatures and the ceiling fan isn’t sufficient to cool you then you can consider complementing your ceiling fans with the tower fans. It is obviously not a wise decision to install an air conditioner just to beat up the heat for a small part of the hot day. You should look for the following points before buying a tower fan:

  • Size

Look for a size that suits your room the best. There are a variety of sizes available in tower fans.

  • Airflow

Various tower fans come with different features. You should be well-aware of the purpose for which you are buying a tower fan and then choose the fan accordingly with normal or heavy air flow.

  • Timer

Select the tower fan that has a timer to help you save energy in the long-term.

When you are investing in a fan wouldn’t it be a wise decision if you buy a fan which has an ionizer in it? It will assure that you breathe in clean air.

  • Oscillation

If you are buying a tower fan that also offers oscillation then it is better if you know about the speed of oscillation in advance before you buy the fan.

  • Filtration

There are many tower fans that offer filtration of air. If you are thinking of buying such a fan then it becomes important for you to know about the replacement costs of the filter. The filter needs to be replaced from time to time.

  • Remote control

Always buy a tower fan that has a remote control. This will minimize the energy losses when the fan is not in use as you can switch it off with your remote.

  • Environmentfriendly

Most tower fans come with a feature of auto shut off to cut unnecessary expenses. Also, check what its energy consumption is.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, you should also read the product guide and reviews by the users to get a clear idea of the tower fan you are buying.

Having a tower fan is a symbol of class and style these days. You too can get one. Browse online through the websites like,, etc. and choose the tower fan suitable for your home space.

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