Type of Consumers to Expect in Your Buy Craft Beer Campaign

Type of Consumers to Expect in Your Buy Craft Beer Campaign

With the ever-growing craft beer industry, the market has seen the introduction of so many brands. Due to this trend, there is a crop of craft beer enthusiasts. When planning to do a campaign for your beer, you should know the different types of consumers you are going to encounter. When you are equipped with this knowledge, you are in a position to understand how each group influences your campaign. As a craft brewery owner, you should also know that every feedback is used to make your brand better.

Without further ado, here are the classes of consumers likely to attend your buy craft beer campaign.

  1. The flavor finder

This is the kind that will try to analyze each sip of the beer he takes. They will swirl it around their mouths and try to taste everything written on the ingredients part of the beer sticker. They make drinking seem fun, but they can also be irritating to other revelers while trying to showcase their tasting skills. As a brewery owner, you can get a thing or two from this group. For example, you can know which flavor is dominant in your beer. They also play a significant role in marketing your product to the clueless group.

  1. The critic

Just like in other areas in life, beer campaigns never miss critics. These are the type that will criticize everything no matter how perfect they may seem. They have nothing positive to say about the product, from the packaging to price and even taste. They will try to compare your craft beer to another brand they think is a bit superior. However, don’t be so fast to dismiss their claims. Take notes and review them later. Sometimes they may have a valid argument. But, don’t take in everything they say, they can discourage you especially if you are just starting.

  1. The loyal

This is a group of beer takers that are loyal to your brand. No matter where they go, their first choice will always be a particular brand. They even ask for a particular brand in a distant place despite the fact that it’s only available within a certain locality. This group makes your brand grow and they are like your ambassadors. Hold them dear and always ensure you know what keeps them coming back to keep it intact.

Those are just some of the consumers you should expect in your buy craft beer campaign. There are many other types, but the three stand out. Take note of their feedback and that way you will know what to improve and what sells your brand.

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