Understanding “Error 32” on Time Warner Digital Cable

Understanding “Error 32” on Time Warner Digital Cable

Are you considering to switch your cable service to Time Warner Cable? If yes, you’re getting a good deal. There are advantages that Time Warner offers through its digital cable TV network that just can’t be beaten.

This is probably their best service that give it complete edge on market competitors. Like many other brands, Time Warner offer on-demand service that gives you the freedom to play and watch your favorite TV shows whenever you want it. The “Error 32” message is related to on-demand programming, which you may face while trying to enable on-demand programming on your TV.

Let’s Know More About On-Demand Programming

Before you order for on-demand programming, make sure your HDTV supports this technology. Similarly, you also need to have a wireless router and Internet connection in your home as you need to connect your HDTV receiver to the Internet for better viewing experience.The Time Warner on-demand programming is available for purchase anytime.

Enabling the On-Demand Programming Service

To watch your favorite movies & shows anytime, all you have to do is to browse through the channels and press the “A” button on your TV remote to have the Access menu on TV screen.

Make a selection for the on-demand category by using “Arrow” buttons. And, once you have made the selection, press the “Select” button to start enjoying your selection. Although the on-demand programming is a paid service, but there are several programs also available for free.

Troubleshooting the “Error 32”

While accessing the on-demand programming, you may come across the error message “Error 32” that usually occur navigating through the on-demand menu.

If you get this message, Time Warner suggests performing some easy steps to resolve this issue. First of all, check your TV remote, and make sure it is on the VOD position.

In the same way, try to powercycle your set-top box by getting it unplugged from the main power source for about 15 seconds. After this, switch the power supply on and return to the on-demand menu, and get your problem resolved.

Still Having Issues?

There could be persistent problems in your cable box while enabling on-demand programming. To solve this issues, get your cable TV connections checked properly and ensure that any coaxial or loose cable connections isn’t interrupting your TV signal.

The on-demand programming persistent problems may also be due to issues with home wiring or the connectivity issues from the cable company to your home. In such, scenario prefer to contact Time Warner Customer Service to have a full check by a technician of your house wiring.


The cable company, Time Warner offer better products and services that fit to anybody needs, and they never let losing the signal halfway through a show or game.

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