UrbanClap Professionals: Why background check matters.

UrbanClap Professionals: Why background check matters.

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a piece which talked about verification of professionals, assuming that in India we are quite aloof from the consequence, I ignored it, but a few days down the line, I looked back for the same piece. Why? Because of a pathetic home service by a professional who really messed up my Air conditioner. Here’s how it unfolded

A few days back, while I was on a business trip, our bedroom AC chocked up, since I wasn’t going to return for a week, I asked my mother to arrange a professional to fix it, and she did get a recommendation from neighbor and got someone to fix the A.C. who took close to two hours to fix the AC and instructed my mother to keep it off for a few hours and start it, it worked well, but when I returned, I noticed considerable difference in cooling, so I called someone from the company, and came to knew that refrigerant leaked out, but then the bill for inspection and getting it fixed was outrageously expensive, but it didn’t matter, because the damage was already done.

This entire incident made me realize two key things that are often neglected, one is the professional competence, the other is background verification, I prioritize latter more, because of a simple reason, that if there are elderly people at your house, you cannot risk their lives for getting a professional just because your neighbor used their services before. So in this case, although my Air conditioner was messed up, I didn’t care much because my mother was safe, and I had no way to know who ever came to my house, nor I had any proof of availing the services.

This all connected well with the article that I was reading, and as it turned out, it was about UrbanClap, curious to find out more, I came across an article on The Hindu, There I got insight on their police verification, and stringent background checks, but as an academic, I was never convinced, I wanted to try it, albeit for some other service, it was for car cleaning, the idea was just to check authenticity and rates.

When I proceeded to create bids, I found a very clear description of what the services entailed, I did find services reasonably priced, and booked an appointment for the next day, setting up the account was quick and easy, and on multiple screens I found that the professionals were verified, but it was mere reiteration of stated view, and it was my prerogative to verify if the information was really “authentic”. It asked me for my contact details so that the car cleaning professionals could contact me, hence I completed an easy registration process and waited for the next day.

The very next day, I was set for the appointment, and had noted a list of services that they promised to provide. The professional was sharp on time and thereafter I continued talking to him casually to extract as much information as I could from him and note down observation. They looked really professional unlike what I thought they were going to be, they promised steam wash, tyre and tyre arches cleaning , and I waited by them while they were on it. Urban clap is also amazing with their packers and movers in Pune as described by a friend, when they were shifting from Pune they will be the best option for packers and movers. They completed every single service that was described, and I did come to know that UrbanClap just doesn’t take anyone into their professional service’s net, that being said, it doesn’t discriminate, but has a robust background check process.

That certainly allayed my fears, moreover the professionals didn’t ask for any kind of tips. Which further made the experience look better, in a lighter vein, I asked them if UrbanClap charged anything from them, and shockingly they said no! Since then, I have been researching on only one thing – How UrbanClap sustains its business, well not something that I should be bothered about, but it still intrigues me, whether I get answer to that question is unclear for now, but UrbanClap certainly gets the most able professionals for their users. And I couldn’t agree more with it.

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