Used Garbage Truck Purchase Tips and Things to Consider

used garbage trucks for sale in Florida

Purchasing a garbage truck for your waste collection needs can be an exhausting process. Whether you are a private business dealing in waste management or a public sector organization, finding the right truck requires extensive research and a thorough inspection of the vehicle before you decide to buy. If you are considering investing in a used waste truck for your business, here are some things you should consider, and some tips that can help secure your investment:

Always Choose a Credible Dealer

Right from the start for your quest of used garbage trucks for sale in Florida make sure you contact a credible and experienced dealership. Choose a seller or dealer who has a large inventory of trash trucks, so that you have multiple options to choose from. You can either seek recommendations from your contacts or look for a reliable refuse truck dealership online.

An expert dealer will not only offer great value truck for your investment, but ensures quality operations and services. Make sure to ask about the training and certifications of the mechanics who work on the trucks at the dealership. You can also get some complimentary services like freight and delivery if you choose to buy from a renowned seller. Other optional functions that can be expected are cart tipper, a reever winch and scales, etc.

Although most renowned used truck dealers offer training on operating truck, you should ask for a training session even if your dealer doesn’t mention one explicitly.

Go through Truck’s Fitness and History Documentation

Major dealerships offering used garbage trucks for sale in Florida have their individual vehicle assessment and check-up procedure, which they document as a report. This report lists down the damage, wear and tear, and parts replacement information. It also provides insights on which parts need to be changed, and how much expenses are likely to be made to make the refuse truck fit for work. Ideally, you should consider replacing the components which have less than 50% useful wear left.

Most of the used trucks have existing and transferrable warranties, but the dealers often sell after-market warranties for better coverage. Discuss the terms of warranty with your dealer to get complete assurance about the security of your investment.

When you are zeroing in one a vehicle, ask your dealer about the documentation to get a better idea about the health of the truck. Along with this, enquire about the previous owner and the type of collection route they worked to understand how the vehicle was used previously. Ask if the body or the engine has been swapped, and if yes, how much does that affect the efficiency of the truck.

Ensure Safety Requirements

The first element of a good business is safe business. Make sure that the used garbage truck you are buying is DOT compliant as per the specifications in Florida. You can also consult your dealer if the truck can be retrofitted with optional gears you might need for extra security. Some popular gears that are installed in used waste collection vehicles are back up cameras, alarms, and GPS tracking.

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