Using a Smartwatch for Business

Using a Smartwatch for Business

Smart watches are just one of the multitude of amazing products brought about by digital technology. Things we could never have imagined 10 years ago are now commonplace, and to the point that we would be lost without them. Take phones for example. Traditionally they would just communicate voice over a distance, and weren’t portable, but cellular phones enabled this communication on the go, and with text messages to send short messages to another user. The smartphone turned this on its head, and allowed picture messages, web browsing, apps and many other things as well as voice communication. Imagine trying to run a business properly today without a smartphone, it seems impossible!

So, turn your thoughts to the humble wristwatch. When you compare its progression to that of the phone it seems very much left behind, with smart watches only really coming to the market in the past few years. However, with the likes of Apple producing the fantastic iWatch, and a range of brands like Fossil and Tommy Hilfiger watches producing hybrid varieties, it seems that the watch might finally be a useful tool for business, but what are its advantages?

Unlike the smartphone, the smartwatch is a true wearable device, and this has definite benefits. If your phone is stuck deep in your jacket pocket you might well miss that important call, but with a vibrating alert from your watch this will never happen. Similarly, text messages are even easier to miss if you don’t have your phone to hand, but a little flash on your wrist will let you know who’s trying to get in touch. In this age of digital connectivity and always being ‘on’, the benefits of always knowing who’s trying to get in touch are undeniable, for both the high-powered business executive and the small business owner – because business never sleeps!

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