What are the key nonsurgical solutions for treating sciatica?

the key nonsurgical solutions for treating sciatica

Sciatica is a kind of pain which gets initiated in your lower-back and slowly it moves towards legs and feet. When sciatic-nerve gets compressed either due to bone-spur or herniated-disc then this type of body-condition occurs. Intensely sharp pains are usually experienced along with leg weakness, tingling and numbness.

Though many people think that surgery is the sole solution for this condition but this is not true at all. There are many non-surgical solutions that can treat this lower-back pain in the most effective manner. But before choosing any sciatica treatment, you have to get your condition thoroughly checked by any specialist doctor.

Popular nonsurgical solutions:

  • Physical therapies:These therapies are predominantly suggested by almost every doctor dealing with sciatica. You have to fix up a perfect routine or schedule for practicing these therapies so that your sciatica-nerve can get effective stimulation. This stimulation will surely make the pain released easily as a result of which you will receive acute relief. Sometimes, these therapies are considered as a part of post operative care.
  • Cold or hot packs: Cold-packs can be used for several-times in a day. This therapy is really very much beneficial for releasing acute pain. You can also replace this therapy with hot-packs. Since no side-effects involved therefore you can practice the application at almost every hour.
  • Restricted bed-rest:Floor or firm-mattress usage is the best trick of avoiding sciatica-pains. If you continue doing this after every few days then only you will be able to perform your daily chores without getting bothered by back-pains. If you are accustomed in attending morning or evening walks then you should continue doing the same but of course in a limited manner.
  • Exercising: If you want to get rid of acute inflammation then only proper or systematic back-movements can help you out. Short-walks are pretty effective in this respect and you can easily continue doing the same. You have to practice only those light and flexible back-exercises at hone that do not bring any injuries to you.
  • Stretching:Lower-back stretches are quite useful for releasing sciatica-pains. But you should practice the same under the guidance of any experienced stretching-expert or fitness-instructor.
  • Medicines: OTC-medicines play a great role especially in case your pain has reached to an extreme level. Naproxen, Ibuprofen and Aspirin are the best NSAIDS that can relieve sciatica inflammation and pains. Acetaminophen can also be used in this regard. There are some pain-releasing medicines that should be taken only when they are being prescribed by doctors otherwise acute complications might be faced. Some steroid-injections need to be injected directly at the affected nerve for making the pain and irritation released easily.
  • Alternative therapies: Some of the alternative-therapies that are believed to be useful in treating sciatica-pains are acupuncture, biofeedback, massage, yoga and others.

If these solutions are being religiously practiced then you can definitely receive speedy recovery within few weeks. These solutions have also been proved effective for treating upper back pain at home. Only 5-10 percent of patients are in need of surgery under the supervision of specialized surgeon. If you start applying these solutions from the very beginning then there will be no need of surgery. Surgery often brings complications and this is why patients are asked avoiding the same.

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