What are The Main Differences between a Laminate Floor and a Wood one?

The Main Differences between a Laminate Floor and a Wood one

Out there on the market nowadays, there are two popular flooring solution which people are using inside of their homes, and these are laminate and wood.

  • They are both favoured for their looks and also their strength and long life.

Their main differences howeverare in their design

For example, laminate flooring is easier to install than hardwood flooring, but still there are a number of folk who still prefer the look of finished wood.

Both flooring types, if chosenin line with a rooms’ surroundings, can easily enhance the good looks of any home or office, and in this respect, both laminate and wood are the same in this respect.

  • Hardwood is sometimes viewed as a better choice, because of its looks and it being a natural material.
  • But, there are different qualities which can make laminate flooringa much better choice.
  • Laminate, for example, can be fitted directly onto practically any floor surfaces.
  • Laminate flooring is in panels and sheeting which is thinner than wood, which in some circumstancesbe advantageous.

Costs, Design and Build

  • Most people know that highquality laminate flooring is a lot cheaper than its wood counterpart, and just this alonecan make it perfectas a flooring solution for people out there looking for some new flooring.
  • Laminate flooring is manufactured fromseveral layers of cellulose paper which have been mixed with plastic resins.
  • This makes it extremely sturdy and is why laminate flooring has that special scratch resistance quality whichit is famous for.

Choice of Designs

  • Each designis typically copiedfrom photographs of real hardwood which totally replicate the natural tones in colours and textures which you see in natural wood.
  • Under the toplayeris the core layer, which givesthe unique backbone to this type of flooring.
  • This is made from thick particle board, with a balancing layer placedon the other side, made from the same type of resin and paper as thetop layer.

Other Differentials

You may have heard that layered hardwood flooring is also known as “engineered,” meaning that it has a hardwood outer, whilst the rest of it is made from other materials.

All other kinds are fully made from solid wood.

  • With regards to hardwood floors, to look their best, they must be routinelysanded down and varnished, especially in places where there is high pedestrian traffic occurring and where there are things such as dents and blemishes.
  • For laminate floors these are never a problem, and will also not age with wear.
  • There are somehardwood floors that do darken with time if they are exposed to long amounts ofbright light.
  • Laminate and wood floors will both provide any home or office environment with improved visual enhancement, which in both cases will greatly improve theirsales market value.

Whichever one you decide upon, expect the surroundings to look terrific!

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