What is better – Kratom Powder(tea) or Kratom Capsule?

better - Kratom Powder(tea) or Kratom Capsule


Kratom is a tropical herb found in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Myanmar. It is known as Mitragyna Speciosa and has been used as traditional medicine since the 19th century. It has the properties of opioid and works as a sedative and stimulant as well.

It is completely safe and doesn’t have any side-effects. It gives relaxation effects and reduces the pain. After establishing itself as the legal drug, it’s popularity is spreading globally. The health experts are now recommending Kratom to the people with minor mental health issues.

The Kratom comes in a variety of forms. It comes in the form of capsules, powder, tincture, extract, etc. Well, here is an article about which form of Kratom is better to intake.

Kratom Capsule

In Thailand, the natives would chew the Kratom leaves directly for the immediate effect. However, if not directly, they prefer it in the form of capsules. The capsules are generally in the form of gelatin or vegetable-based capsules. For the capsules, one does not need a measurement and can be swallowed with the water.

However, the effect of a capsule is not as quick as the powder as it has delayed actions. It will take 20 minutes more to show its effects because of the cover of the capsule. The longer it takes for the cover to melt, the longer it takes for the powder to reach to the blood.

So, you must take care while in-taking the capsule because all the Kratom capsule sellers are not reliable. Thus, you must trust the buy kratom capsules online from the trusted source.

Kratom Powder

The Kratom powder is prepared by sun-dried Kratom leaves. Once they are being dried in the sun, they are being crushed and made into the powder for medicinal purposes. You can mix the powder into the tea or other drink or specifically make Kratom tea for the best results.

One of the pros of having the Kratom int he form of powder is that it will not delay in reaching your bloodstreams. And one of the only drawbacks of Kratom powder is that it is bitter in taste and many of them will not find it welcoming.

The pills would be swallowed easily without feeling the bitter taste but powder may leave its effect on the tongue that could ruin everything.

Which is better?

There is no such comparison because it is similar for the first time users. Both are better in their own ways but if you wish to keep the tab on your dosages, you must try capsule. A capsule will help you understand how much amount will be suitable for you and at what interval of time should you change the dosage.

Taking both together…

There is always an option for you to take both together. It is up to you to manage both and balance them equally. If you are comfortable with your dosage, go ahead with the powder, but if you are not, the capsule is the better option.

Also, the capsule will eliminate the bitter taste and directly reach your bloodstream but will take time while powder will work immediately but will result into uneasy taste on your tongue for the whole day.


Kratom is a useful and healthy drug that is gaining its popularity all over the world. Its origin has been indigenous to Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Thailand, etc. The benefit of having Kratom is that it keeps you relaxed and lowers down your stress levels. While you are buying Kratom capsules online, make sure to buy it from reliable online source.

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