What Is The Role Of The Court Of Auditors?

role of the Court of Auditors

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The Court of Auditors is an administrative court which has five distinct roles.

– First, it is responsible for judging the regularity of the accounts established by the public accountants in the various departments of the State. It is an eminently technical control which verifies that the specific rules imposed on public accountants are well respected.

The accounts of accountants of local and regional authorities and their public institutions are subject to the control of the regional audit chambers. The Court of Auditors is, in this case, a judge of appeal.

– The second task of the Court of Auditors is to monitor the proper use and proper management of public funds, including in bodies without public accountants. Each year, the Court conducts investigations in which the counselors investigate documents and on the spot. At the end of these “investigations”, the Court of Auditors draws up a report, addressed to the minister concerned, which points out any deficiencies or wastage found in a service.

This activity is also reflected in the publication of the annual report of the Court of Auditors . The latter is increasingly publicized, insofar as it does not hesitate to blame the misuse of public funds. The Court of Auditors’ conclusions on administrative dysfunctions in the use of public money must in principle give rise to corrections by the public authorities.

The Court of Auditors is responsible for certifying the regularity, sincerity and accuracy of the State’s accounts since the implementation of the Organic Law on Finance Laws ( LOLF) of 1 August 2001. It is responsible for In particular for the accounts of the national bodies of the general scheme since the organic law of 2 August 2005.

– The Court of Auditors assists the Parliament and the Government in verifying the proper execution of the state finance laws and the social security financing laws. It draws up annually a report on the execution of the budget laws sent to Parliament in July. The LOLF clarified the conditions and reinforced the means of this assistance.

– Finally, according to article 47 (2) of the Constitution, introduced by the constitutional revision of 23 July 2008, the Court of Auditors generally assists Parliament in monitoring government action .

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