What Makes Kent a Great Brand for Water Purifiers?

What Makes Kent a Great Brand for Water Purifiers

Kent is a reputed brand in the Indian home appliances market. It is known for introducing healthcare appliances that purify everything from the water we drink to the food we eat and the air we breathe, thus helping people live a healthier. When we talk about Kent appliances, water purifiers from this brand deserve a special mention and they are one of the best in the market today, thanks to the advanced features integrated in the purifiers and efficiency with which they perform.

Kent has never backed out from competition, which is why it is the leading manufacturer of home appliances in the country. Water purifiers are just a part of Kent’s huge appliance portfolio. Here are a few reasons why Kent is a great brand for water purifiers:

  • Utilizes All Water Purification Technologies:

Kent water purifiers come integrated with the best purification technologies. The reason for this is that they use all kinds of water purification technologies in their purifiers. If you are purchasing an RO purifier from any other manufacturer, you would get just RO purification. In case you decide to go with Kent, you would have sediment filtration, pre-carbon filtration and UF or UV filtration as well. The company covers all grounds to make sure that you get 100% pure water.

  • TDS Controller for RO Purifiers:

RO purification technology is responsible for removing excess dissolved solids from water using a reverse osmosis semi-permeable membrane. If left unchecked, the semi permeable membrane would remove all essential minerals from the water as well. These essential minerals are important for the human body and other manufacturers don’t have a provision of retaining them in water. Kent’s patented Mineral RO Technology uses as a TDS controller to retain the essential minerals present in water. A TDS controller controls the value of Total Dissolved Solids so that it doesn’t exceed above or diminish below the permissible TDS level.

  • Purification Capacity and Storage Capacity:

Kent water purifiers store an adequate amount of water unlike other manufacturers. About 8 liters of pure water can be stored in all the container-based water purifiers by this brand. Kent revolutionized the water purification business as it reduced the time taken by a purifier to purify water. Earlier, you had to wait for the purifier to finish the purification after which you used to get pure water. Now, the container gets automatically filled as soon as a part of it gets empty. This is because Kent purifiers have a really high purification capacity of about 15 to 20 liters/hour. The rate of purification is faster and water is easily available to the user.

  • Top Quality Certification:

Only Kent water purifiers have all top quality certifications from around the world. The performance and quality of each of their purifiers is checked at the most renowned laboratories of the world. Some examples are NSF USA (National Science Foundation) WQA USA and WQA India (Water Quality Association) and ISI India (Bureau of Indian Standards). Therefore, top quality experts have signed off on the water quality provided by Kent water purifiers.

  • Variety of Water Purifiers:

Kent has water purifiers for every need. It has purifiers that can fit in various places. All kinds of purifiers are available. You can get over the counter, under the counter and wall mounted purifiers. Each type of purifier can have RO+UV+UF, RO+UF, RO+UV, UV+UF or UF purification. Kent also manufactures water softeners. Therefore, this manufacturer has a ton of variety to suit all your water purification needs.

Kent water purifiers come in many shapes and sizes with the world’s best purification technologies on its side. With top quality certifications and the trust of millions of users, it is certainly a great brand for water purifiers.

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