What To Do When Travelling To Dangerous Places?

What to Do When Travelling to Dangerous Places

Sometimes it is exciting to visit a dangerous country, especially if you enjoy the adrenaline rush and new cultures.

You can also be a journalist who has the assignment of going undercover to volatile regions such as South Asia, parts of South America and closed off countries such as Burma.

When you get the dangerous situation, you can find yourself in tricky situations. Imagine that you find yourself arrested for murder due to the revolution that happened the moment you entered the country.

In those places, democracy is not the option, but the dictatorship, which means that court trials are things that you want to avoid. However, creative media such as television affect our perspective on things all around us.

That is why you should understand that if someplace passed the hype of being dangerous, that doesn’t mean that you should completely avoid it. In fact, risk zones tend to be beautiful places that appeal most visitors.

But going to those places require certain preparation, and we decided to present you what you should do before and during the visit:

  1. Create Perspective

It is important to gain insight and conduct thorough research on the destination that you want to visit. We are not talking here about touristic landmarks and other interesting things, but research political and social landscape.

You can check whether the country features risk assessment, but have in mind that most websites tend to overstate the dangers. We recommend you also to check the local newspapers and to talk with someone who has been there before.

Ask some questions that could help you determine the levels of risk in the area where you will be. Check whether the main problem is pick pocketing, which is the most common problem in almost any touristic area from Venice to New York), or is it more serious problems such as war or violence. Check also whether the violence targets specific groups or everyone.

You should have in mind that generalization is useless because even if there are problems in one city, there are people who live ordinary and daily lives as usual. At the same time, if someone close to you had a lousy experience, that doesn’t mean that you will face the same thing.

  1. Make A Thorough Plan

There are a few things that you should have in mind before you enter the plane for the high-risk destination. First, it is important to notify your embassy that you will visit the country at least two weeks before. At the same time, we recommend you to make color copies of your passport, in case you lose it out there.

You should always keep one copy with you, leave another at home, and swap with other people you went on the trip. The passport itself should be separated from the copies because that way you will protect yourself from stealing.

We live in a world of social media, so if you go to the risky country, you can start by updating your Twitter or Facebook status with your plans. You can say where you plan to go and to the right down the destination and share it further online, just in case for other people to know where you are.

You can also develop the similar plan with people you travel with. Create a meeting before a trip to talk about key concerns, trip details and what should you do in the worst-case scenario.

You should always have the phone number and contact of your travel partners right next to you, as well as other numbers such as an embassy, local driver or guide who will help you act quickly in case of some problem.

  1. Knowledge Is The Key

You have to remain alert to things that surround you and take precautions that we talked about above based on the destination you want to reach.

It is important to reduce the fear and to be confident because with proper preparation you will plan everything and have the knowledge in case of any scenario. You should be alert, and know what you’re doing, but don’t act paranoid because that will only cause additional stress. It is simple as that.

To check the list on most dangerous countries, you can click here.

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